Expats in Spain facing up to changes as the transition period drags on

Published:  6 Mar at 6 PM
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Tagged: Spain, UK, Euro, England
Reality is beginning to dawn amongst British expats who voted to leave the EU.

Difficult as it may be for the majority of expat Brits in Spain to understand, a good number of their compatriots actually voted to leave the European Union, although for what purpose isn’t clear or understood as yet. Now that reality is setting in, changes which weren’t even mentioned at the time of the referendum are gradually becoming a reality with which both sides of the argument will need to cope.

One expat president of a local residents’ association with hundreds of members spoke with local media, saying Brexit is still a divisive issue in the area, as many Brit expats bought in to the ‘let’s take back control’ propaganda message. She added the same group believed their financial input into the region was enough to keep them safe from unpleasant lifestyle changes indicating that immigrants are immigrants, no matter what their beliefs and expectations as regards exceptions to the rule.

Since Brexit became a reality and the transition period began, the attitude of exceptionalism is fading fast and resulting in a rush to apply for residency, especially from those who didn’t believe it would be necessary. Changing driving licenses is now the norm, and pet owners are waking up to fact they can’t take their dogs with them on a short trip back home. When all’s said and done, coping with the full weight of Spanish bureaucracy is now on leavers’ shoulders.

Even so, no-one really knows what’s going to happen at the end of this year, especially as the initial talks between Britain and the EU haven’t had a promising start, but the overall feeling amongst leave voters isn’t taking into account the real possibility of a no-deal exit on 31 December, during which Boris will be anything but dead in a ditch. Change is coming, and remain voters can only hope they’re well prepared for its effects.
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