Making a successful move to Australia

Published:  7 Mar at 6 PM
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Australia has been a favourite expat destination for many decades, especially for Brits, but getting used to its laidback lifestyle can be confusing.

Major draws attracting expats to Australia include its English language, its unique natural beauty, the plethora of outdoor activities and the thousands of miles of glorious beaches. The weather is one of the most important considerations for refugees from the UK’s grey skies and depressing downpours, and the continent’s friendly people are famous across the world. Given the above, culture shock may not be expected, but it’ll happen nonetheless.

Luckily, we’re in the internet age, making research into all aspects of Australian life straightforward, but the laidback lifestyle still comes as a surprise to many newly-arrived expatriates. The secret is to simply go with the flow and enjoy every new experience, accepting that it’s normal to miss your life back in your home country. Settling in takes time, and making new friends can sometimes feel like a challenge.

One shock for most expats is the high cost of almost everything including food. Australian supermarkets have an amazing selection of just about everything edible but everything comes at a price, including rental properties. There’s a huge immigrant population in Australia’s major cities, with arrivals from all over the world undergoing the same adjustments as Brit expats, so there’s no need to feel isolated in your efforts to get used to your new lifestyle.

Most new arrivals feel out of place for at least several months, but the variety of cultures and the emphasis on the outdoor lifestyle give seductive reasons for being more outgoing during the early days. If you ask for help, you’ll be overwhelmed by the reaction from seasoned expats and locals alike. If you’re relocating with your family for work reasons, you’ll appreciate the selection of good schools and excellent medical facilities. Peace of mind isn’t hard to obtain in Oz.

Perhaps the trickiest part of your move is finding the right location within your chosen city, especially if your new job is in Sydney. Each district has its own vibe, allowing newbies to choose between convenience to work, beachside areas or central locations crammed with activities, entertainment and places to eat. If commuting isn’t a problem, the wooded outer suburbs are crammed with natural beauty as well as the occasional example of Australia’s best-known marsupial, the kangaroo. Wherever you hang your hat, one thing’s for sure – you’ll never regret your move.
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