How will no-deal affect promises made to UK expats by EU member states?

Published:  7 Aug at 6 PM
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A European Union report states unequivocally that not all states have made preparations for British expats should a no-deal exit take place.

The leaked report points out that confusion and chaos are rife in Europe over workable plans for British expats should a no-deal Brexit take place on October 31. Only 11 out of the 27 European Union member states have to date guaranteed indefinite stays for their UK expat population, with the rest ‘all over the place’. The situation highlights another Brexiteer lie, that EU countries don’t enjoy autonomy due to the dictatorship in Brussels, even although those in power are sick to death of the chaos and wishing it was true!

At present, 27 diverse countries, plus Switzerland and the Scandinavian block, are scrambling to work out how to deal with the millions in total of British expatriates whose livelihoods and lifestyles are at risk. Even the 11 who’ve reassured their British expat community they’re safe and that life will continue as usual are fully aware the promise may only have a few months’ shelf life. The real threat of no-deal is that, on November 1, every UK expat in Europe will become a third country national with no rights at all until they’ve applied for and been granted a residency visa.

Those in work will be working illegally, and every entitlement granted to EU citizens will no longer be valid, including emergency healthcare, free schooling, banking and every other aspect of modern life. More importantly, a no-deal exit instantly cancels the two-year transition period essential for forming new treaties, reciprocal agreements and all the paraphernalia of modern government which makes life livable for citizens and expats alike.

EU member states are clear on only one point – UK expats will be treated in accordance of how their expat citizens are being treated in the UK. The new British PM has the power to backtrack on all reassurances made by Theresa May, with horrendous consequences for expats on both sides of the English Channel, all of whom are now in no-man’s land hoping and praying for a positive outcome.
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