Brit expats in Lauzun add fuel to Brexit legal challenge fires

Published:  8 Aug at 6 PM
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The latest of the French protest groups begun by UK expats post-Brexit is determined to launch a legal challenge against the use of the Royal Prerogative.

Fair Deal for Expats is based in the French town of Lauzun, home to a good number of British citizens who’ve spent their savings renovating historic French homes as part of their retirement plans.They strongly believe the possible plight of expats living in EU member states wasn’t even on the agenda when the referendum was conceived.

The group’s founder, former solicitor Wynne Edwards told ITV News that a reversal of Brexit is what’s needed but is probable impossible. What UK expats in France want, he said, is a truly democratic process and an informed debate. If all MPs were to vote leave after taking into account all the figures and facts of the decision, he added, then a proper process would have taken place.

Mr Edwards believes expats would accept a decision made after parliamentary debate, and would then be forced to stand up for their rights, whatever it takes. Those rights , he said, include French healthcare, pensions, schooling and the right to remain. Losing their renovated homes and having to return to the UK with very little financial support is the worst scenario for many Brits.

Fair Deal for Expats’ legal challenge will be based on their belief that forcing Theresa May to consult with parliament before triggering Article 50 will give a far better chance for expats to state their case as regards continuing their lives outside the UK. At present, the PM can simply call in Article 50 and begin the two-year withdrawal process without parliamentary approval simply by using the Royal Prerogative.

Since the formation of Fair Deal for Expats, the other five UK expat protest groups have announced similar legal processes. As a result, all six are now joining together in the initial action, but will be bringing individual legal cases as part of the whole. Put together, the groups include expats with healthcare problems, parents with children who are entitled to French citizenship where they are not, expats with long-term jobs or businesses and expats who would hate having to return to the UK after many years in their adopted country.

The group is opening to expat memberships from other EU member states, with expats from the Netherlands, Spain, Slovakia, and Germany already signed up. Lauzun’s mayor is totally supportive of Fair Deal for Expats, as he recognises the benefit of the expat community as regards boosting the town’s economy and the renovation of many historic homes.
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