UK and USA lose their charm for expats

Published:  8 Sep at 6 PM
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Once hailed as two of the most popular destinations for career-oriented expats, the UK and USA are now in free fall due to Brexit and the Trump presidency.

It’s no surprise that the world’s two major English-speaking countries are feeling the effects of upheavals caused by the Brexit referendum and the election of Donald Trump as US president. Even so, the recently published expat survey by Expat Insider comes as a shock due to the two countries’ unenviably poor positions in the 65-nation table.

In the past, both Britain and the USA were targets for talented professionals, innovative entrepreneurs and the brightest and best from countries worldwide. Expats at this level can choose their country of relocation as well as being sought-after by major international companies willing to pay good money and provide generous relocation packages. Their presence in their new country of residence benefits both their employers and the country itself, and their affluence and talents ensure comfortable relocations.

Nowadays, as reported in the survey, the best and brightest are more than happy to avoid two countries they now see as politically unstable and far less expat-friendly than in the past. Of the 65 countries whose expats responded to the survey, Britain now ranks at 54, having crashed 21 places since last year’s survey. Reasons given by respondents include a strong decline in their quality of life, a huge rise in the cost of suitable housing, an increase in prejudice, inflation and fears of post-Brexit difficulties.

The USA fared little better in the rankings, coming in at 43rd after losing 17 places. However, even before the presidential election results were announced, its popularity amongst cosmopolitan expats was waning. In 2014, America stood proud at number 5 in the same survey’s rankings, making its 2017 fall even more telling. The ever-increasing cost of healthcare is one reason why talented expats are looking elsewhere for the dream job, and childcare and education costs are off-putting for families. Once known for welcoming almost anyone to the door, America is now seen as far less friendly to foreigners.
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