Expats on Facebook protest dual pricing at Thai national parks and attractions

Published:  10 Jul at 6 PM
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One long-term issue roundly disliked by Western expats as well as tourists in Thailand is the long-term practice of charging non-Thai visitors to attractions and national parks at least twice the amount paid by Thai citizens.

Known in the country’s large expatriate community as ‘farang price’ – ‘farang’ being the Thai for Western foreigner – the practice has always caused controversy as well as anger as it’s been seen as discriminatory at best and indefensible at worst. Many tourists as well as expats living and working in the country have refused to pay and crossed the attractions off their must-visit lists, but the issue has been generally swept under the carpet until recently.

Perhaps due to having little else to do whilst enduring months of lockdowns or, more likely, as a response to a seeming increase in discrimination against non-Thais, a group of expats has started a Facebook group in protest against the widespread practice. The group states price gouging regardless of visitors’ residence status is endorsed openly by both private and state businesses, and are naming and shaming attractions which blatantly multiply entry fees by as much as several hundred per cent.

The group’s take on the long-standing practice is that it’s up to organisations to set their charges for any nationality, provided they do so in an open manner. What hurts and angers, they state, is that it’s done in a sneaky way which insults and hurts foreigners. Formerly, Thailand was known for its generous hospitality and kindness to strangers, with the practice now damaging that reputation almost beyond repair.

One example featured on the Facebook page is that of Phra Nakhon Khiri Historical Park which charges Thai visitors just 20 baht whilst their rate for Westerners and other foreigners is 150 baht, with a popular beach costing 200 baht for foreign tourists and just 30 baht for locals. The social media page also includes good news, such as the same entry price for all at Sukhothai National Park and Doi Tung Tourist Attraction with its one-size-fits-all pricing and stunningly beautiful tropical gardens.
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