Canadian immigration site crashes after Trump victory declared

Published:  11 Nov at 6 PM
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Immediately following the shocking announcement that Hillary Clinton had conceded the election to Trump, the Canadian immigration web pages crashed.

Late on Tuesday night, the official Citizenship and Immigration Canada website crashed due to the sheer number of enquiries from American citizens looking to leave the home country and settle north of the border. Instead of offering a menu leading to immigration pages, the site was reduced to a long-loading home page with no access to the website itself.

According to CBC, Canada has confirmed the site couldn’t handle 200,000 Americans desperate to find a way out of a country they no longer recognised as home. At least half that number were accessing the site from inside the USA, with the rest expected to have been US expats changing their minds about returning to their home country at some point.

Just 17,000 enquiries were made at the same time and on the same day a week ago, confirming a flight response to what is turning into a national nightmare as Americans attempt to figure out what’s going to happen next. The knee-jerk flight response isn’t surprising, considering the ugliness of the campaign which led to Trump’s being elected, although exactly how many of those whose first response was flight will actually leave is as yet unknown.

Canada is the best choice for many would-be expat Americans due to its shared borders and easy access to family and friends still living in the USA. Getting in is easier if you have a skill set which is in short supply and don’t mind living in regions such as the Yukon, but harder for those just starting out in business life.

If you’re young and happy to apply for a place at a Canadian university, it’s a good way to get your qualifications far away from Trumpland. However, it’s too late to apply for 2016, so patience is required.

The student visa can be extended after graduation, but finding a job is mandatory if you want to avoid being sent back home. Perhaps the easiest way is to fall in love with a Canadian citizen, tie the knot, then try to convince immigration it’s not a marriage of convenience.
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