Lib Dem leader urges EU PMs to protect UK expats overseas

Published:  13 Jul at 6 PM
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The head of the British Liberal Democrat party has written to the leaders of seven EU member states, requesting they treat UK expats in Europe with understanding and fairness.

Tim Farron, pro-Remain leader of the centre-left Liberal Party, the UK's third largest, has promised his supporters he will base his next election manifesto on cancelling the Brexit referendum result and keeping the UK within the European Union. As part of his party’s stance on Brexit, his letter to EU member state leaders requests they support his efforts to protect the interests of UK citizens based in Europe.

Farron is calling for liberal leaders in Europe to support a campaign for UK expats' right to remain in their present countries of residence in the same way as EU citizens in the UK are hoping to stay. The open communication was sent to prime ministers in Denmark, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Luxembourg, Finland, Belgium and Estonia.

Farron was the first UK political party leader to call for an agreement that EU nationals be allowed to remain in the UK. Various politicians from the two major UK parties agreed with his stance, although the Home Office rejected the idea and was heavily criticised as a result.

The groundswell of support for UK expats living in EU countries now includes Lib-Dem MP Tom Brake, who is planning to propose a bill offering protection to EU citizens in Britain. As a result, Lib-Dems are now calling on foreign governments to extend the same courtesy to UK expats living overseas.

Fallon’s open letter states that ‘We must give those who have decided to make their lives in another EU country all the assurances they need to make plans for their futures’. Under no circumstances, it continues, should any form of forced repatriation even be considered as a result of Brexit.
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