Expat dog lovers happy about change in Spanish law

Published:  14 Dec at 6 PM
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Today, Spain’s civil laws are being changed to recognise the rights of dogs by declaring them as ‘beings’ rather than ‘objects’.

British expat dog-lovers and their furry best friends will be celebrating the change in Spain’s civil laws which recognises dogs and other pets as ‘beings’ with rights of their own. The original classification for animals was as ‘objects’, able to be inherited or seized by bailiffs in cases of unpaid debts. According to both expat and Spanish dog-lovers, the move is long overdue and is being welcomed as an admission that dogs have been humans’ best friends ever since caves were seen as desirable residences.

The change being submitted takes in and changes three existing laws, the Civil Code, Civil Procedure Law and the Mortgage Law. Modifications to the latter two will ensure dogs cannot be held hostage by bailiffs for their owners’ debts, nor will they be able to be handed over as possessions when their owner dies.

The amendments are certain to be passed, and will align with both the Portuguese and French Civil Codes which already state pets are living beings, although different from humans and other life forms including plants. Spokesperson Rafael Hernando told reports the aim of the ‘historic step’ was to allow more protection to be given to animals.

Meanwhile, the threat of a pan-European ban on donor kebabs seems to be receding as the proposed ban on the phosphates used to keep the meat moist was rejected by EU lawmakers. The issue first arrived in the public domain when the EU’s Executive Commission tabled a proposal to authorise phosphates in veal, beef, lamb and mutton.

The Health Committee immediately opposed the proposal on the grounds that the additive gave increased risks of heart disease, causing chaos to Turkish owners of doner kebab restaurants across the EU. In the end, common sense saved the day, much to the relief of thousands of UK expats whose favourite meal after an evening in the pub is a donor kebab.
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