Expat healthcare and medical tourism in Mexico

Published:  15 Nov at 6 PM
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Mexico is perhaps the most desirable destination for USA expats, and is now becoming popular with expat retirees from other Western countries as well as an affordable destination for medical tourism.

One essential component of relocation overseas is healthcare, especially for expats over or approaching retirement age. In addition, a lack of affordable, high quality medical services in many Western countries including the USA has led to a huge increase in medical tourism. In first world countries, private health insurance is also unaffordable for many, and the UK’s world-famous National Health Service is falling apart due to insufficient government funding, the greed of the drug companies and a shortage of qualified staff.

A number of countries’ medical sectors have been setting themselves up to serve medical tourists, a move which also benefits their expatriate communities. ‘High quality’ means different things in different locations, and prices in a few, including Thailand, have soared beyond a justifiable amount. With Mexico as easily accessible by air as are Asian destinations, its healthcare services are gaining an increasingly strong reputation.

The assumption that excellent healthcare can’t possible be had in a third-world country is just that – an assumption. Many Mexican hospitals are accredited by the Joint Commission International, and English is widely spoken in the medical community. It’s not unusual to find your specialist spent time studying in a USA hospital, and Mexico’s major cities and resort towns offer agencies linking expats and medical tourists with relevant, English-speaking doctors and medical professionals. They’ll also ensure a price for treatment is quoted and agreed before any procedure takes place.

Savings on first-world prices are considerable, especially when compared with costs in the USA. UK and other Western locations. Charges for dentistry are equally reasonable with, say, six veneers costing around $6,000 in the USA, much the same in the UK and around $1,000 in Mexico. Expats taking advantage of Mexico’s reasonably priced medical and dental care should remember to check on the costs of follow-up appointments as well as checking online for reviews of the chosen hospital and its specialists.
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