Brit expat couple flying back to support new Brexit party cause internet sensation

Published:  16 Apr at 6 PM
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Tagged: Spain, USA, UK, England
A retired British couple who flew back to the UK from Spain to attend the launch of Farage’s new Brexit party found themselves the focus of an internet storm.

The two retirees, known only as Diane and Barry, are strongly in favour of the UK’s leaving the EU, as they made absolutely clear when interviewed by the BBC at Farage’s launch of his pro-Brexit political party held at a Coventry factory. Unfortunately for the couple, a clip of the interview found its way onto social media, causing an immediate storm. Thousands of users hit out at the two British expats when it became obvious they were taking advantage of the EU’s free movement by supporting Brexit in spite of living the good life in Benidorm.

Netizens made it very clear they disapproved of the couple, calling them ‘bonkers’ their anti-EU badges ‘naff’, and referring to the pair themselves as ‘idiots’. Several comments compared their stance as ‘turkeys voting for Christmas’, with others referring to their actions as ‘pure irony’ as they’re using the benefits of being in the EU to continue living their preferred lifestyles whilst trashing the very system which allows them to do so. ‘Cringeworthy’ was another description of their stance, followed by ‘shame’ and ‘disgrace’. A number of millennial posters used unprintable comments to make their views plain as well as noting the power of the will of the younger generation.

One useful result of the online disgust caused by the couple’s insensitive behaviour might well help those who’re still wondering how the UK got itself in this mess to understand the lack of logic of many of those who voted to leave. It’s been assumed a lack of understanding of the effects on the British economy of quitting the EU was one reason for the narrow margin of leavers against remainers, with this couple unwittingly providing proof that, whatever caused Leave to win, it wasn’t careful consideration or the application of logic by its supporters!
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