UK citizens at home and abroad let down by both Brexit campaigns

Published:  16 Jun at 6 PM
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Given that the Brexit referendum is the most important issue to hit the UK in many decades, the total chaos of both the Remain and Leave campaigns may be disastrous for the millions ultimately affected by the result.

As it’s generally now understood that a Brexit win would unleash political and financial repercussions extending far beyond the UK and the EU itself, making sure the British public had the information necessary to make objective decisions should have been a priority. Instead, UK citizens, wherever they live, are faced with two quarrelling camps unable even to successfully stage Brexit-linked music festivals!

The Remain campaign, run by cross-party group Britain Stronger in Europe, seems to have fared slightly better than its competitor in the long run, although the Leave campaign was stronger at the beginning of its run. Remain stuck to its guns by offering a reasonably comprehensive economic argument in a relatively coherent manner, but is still refusing to address immigration, one of voters’ major concerns.

Whilst UK residents and citizens living as expats in EU member states were struggling to gather shreds of information about their possible plights, another Leave group, Grassroots Out, was attempting to put on Bpoplive – a politically-based music festival. Sadly, once the headline acts realised they were being used, they pulled out and the event was cancelled. Undeterred, the group announced another music festival, which immediately met the same fate for the same reasons.

Grassroots Out was originally formed to concentrate mainly on immigration, holding a number of rallies all over the UK during February and March before fading from view with the exception of their unsuccessful music festivals. Its gritty offshoot,, is financially grateful to UKIP and regularly attacks the official group, Vote Leave. The Remain group continues to be seen as conventional and boring, but at least it’s unified.

The spats and splits taking place between the two sides and within each side do nothing at all to inform the general public of their options on this crucial vote. Social media comments suggest that, if the behaviour of the two campaigns is anything to go by, neither side’s leaders are fit to run the country should Brexit succeed. Those commentators may well have a point.
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