YouGov polls demystify the difference between Remain and Leave voters

Published:  16 Nov at 6 PM
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Almost a year and a half after the Brexit referendum, British citizens as well as UK expats in Spain are still at odds over the potentially devastating result.

When taken together, a series of YouGov surveys on the differentials and increasingly wide divide between Remoaners and Brexiteers becomes clearer, although it’s not likely the results will change any minds. The various surveys took in issues not specifically related to Brexit itself, but helped to gather a perspective on the psychological make-up of the opposing sides as respondents were asked to identify themselves as for or against Brexit.

One YouGov survey revealed 23 per cent of leave voters preferred their steaks well done as against 12 per cent of remainers, who preferred their meat medium rare. In a similar vein, 24 per cent of leave voters were unhappy about eating less meat, whilst 91 per cent of remainers were far less carnivorous. A political survey resulted in the news that 57 per cent of leave voters didn’t watch PM’s Question Time, although 46 per cent of remain voters didn’t watch it either.

Another poll focused on respondents’ feelings about Muslim women wearing the burqua. A massive 72 per cent of leave supporters said they would ban it, whilst only 32 per cent of remain voters agreed. The next poll might well have caused some discomfort to respondents, as it asked whether selling golliwog dolls should be acceptable. A high 71 per cent of leave voters claimed it was OK to sell the dolls, with only 37 per cent of the Remain camp agreed.

A poll taken the same weekend as the US presidential election asked responders whether they believed Trump would make a good leader. Not one single remain voter said he would, as against 30 per cent of leave voters who believed he would be a successful president. The poll referring to leaving the Paris climate change agreement resulted in just 5 per cent of remain voters saying they wanted out of the deal, along with 26 per cent of leavers, with some leavers perhaps also part of the 41 per cent who wanted out of the Eurovision Song Contest.

As regards Gibraltar, almost three quarters of leavers support the Rock’s continuing as it is, whilst just over half of remain voters agreed. Leave voters are strongly against abortions, either preferring to reduce the time limit or totally banning them, and 47 per cent of leavers believe gay sex is unnatural, as do 21 per cent of remainers.
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