Scottish National Party independence vote supported by expats in UAE

Published:  17 Dec at 6 PM
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Tagged: UK, UAE, England
Scots expats in the UAE are urging a second vote for independence as Brexit seems now inevitable.

Scots across all expat destinations including the UAE are now calling for another independence vote after the Scottish National Party won a massive victory in last week’s general election. Confirming the election result as a new mandate for Scottish independence and quoting that 47 out of a total of 59 parliamentary seats went to the SNP, Scots expats are now saying the result validated the Scottish Remain vote in the 2016 Brexit referendum.

According to SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon, the election result gives Scotland the absolute right to hold another independence referendum, thus negating having to ask Boris Johnson for permission to hold the vote. She added the SNP’s victory represents an assertion from the Scots people that theirs is the final say in their own future. Scots nationals in the UAE are fully in favour of another independence referendum as they’re unsure of the Brexit effect on the UK as a whole.

One expat from Aberdeenshire told local media that Johnson keeps talking about ‘one nation’, even although it’s clear Scots don’t agree with their English neighbours on Brexit. Another said the decision about a second Scottish referendum isn’t ‘if’, it’s ‘when’ in spite of the British PM’s denial, adding that the Scottish government is planning on bringing legal charges as to its right to hold another vote.

In opposition to the overall Scottish position on independence, one English expatriate who voted in support of Brexit told reporters people in the UK were sick and tired of Scotland’s independence campaign, saying no-one cares whether Scotland leaves the UK or stays. He added that it’s Scotland’s democratic choice but feels the majority of Britons would prefer to see Scotland out of the UK and just wish the UK government would get on with Brexit.
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