Anti Brexit online petition response crashes website

Published:  24 Jun at 6 PM
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An online parliamentary petition set up by furious Remain voters has proved so popular that its site has crashed.

The online petition calls for the UK government to implement a rule relating to the percentage of votes and turnout. It states that in the case of a turnout of less than 75 per cent with either Leave or Remain votes totalling less than 60 per cent, a second referendum should be triggered.

Uploaded online this morning, the '' site was initially difficult to access due to the huge response from disenchanted Remain voters across the country. By 9 a.m., the site had crashed due to the massive response and by midday it had achieved the 100,000 threshold over which the petition must trigger a parliamentary debate.

However many supporters it attracts, the chances it will force a second referendum run from highly unlikely to zero. Remain voters online are claiming that the majority of Leave supporters were not given the correct information as to the effects of Brexit on the UK, the EU and the wider world which began with today’s panic on world markets.

Meanwhile, a glimmer of hope, albeit temporary, was given to UK expats in Spain concerned about their immediate futures now that Brexit is a reality. Acting prime minister Mariano Rajoy assured them that their rights will remain during the two years of post-Brexit negotiations and would mirror those of Spanish expats living and working in the UK.

British expats on Gibraltar, however, are terrified that Spain will again attempt to re-establish its former hold on the famous Rock, under British sovereignty for the past 300 years. Of the Rock’s eligible voters, 84 per cent voted, with 96 per cent in favour of Britain’s remaining in the EU. The majority of British residents in Gibraltar are retirees or small business owners.

The dramatic fall in the value of sterling to its lowest point since 1985 is expected to hit hard on British retirees overseas, especially those on UK state pensions frozen at point of entry to countries without a reciprocal agreement with the UK. For example, Australia, whose expat Brits mostly voted Remain, is already an expensive destination for retirees, with many now giving up and returning to the home country.
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