Will post-Brexit Anglo-Chinese relationships affect Brit expats?

Published:  25 Feb at 6 PM
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How are British expats in China reacting to the possible consequences of Brexit?

The UK’s post-Brexit relations with China aren’t just a matter for governments as the future of British expats in China may hang on the success of negotiations. At the present time, most UK citizens living and working in the massive country seem more concerned over the various risks to their futures from the coronavirus epidemic than on the remote possibility of Brexit’s wrecking of their lifestyles in their chosen location.

When asked how they felt about the UK’s break from the EU, entrepreneurs running new businesses were optimistic, especially about the possibility of a sterling crash improving their exchange rates, with others saying the UK moving closer to China can only bring better business opportunities for them as well as for China itself. In the main, UK expats in China don’t expect Brexit will result in dramatic lifestyle changes, as economic issues will tend to protect and even improve their present status quo.

Most British expats believe the UK’s present-day ties with the EU will deteriorate due to the government’s wish to emulate the “Singapore on Thames’ model, with working class communities suffering as a result. Others are concerned about the effect on social and environmental protection once the EU’s guarantees are no longer in place. The majority of expats believe that, should the UK move closer to China, travel and economic issues may become more favourable for them due to new business and trade deals.
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