Brexit voters turn Bregret and call for second referendum

Published:  27 Jun at 6 PM
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Common sense, changed minds, political and economic chaos, the postal vote scandal and a dose of reality following last week’s Brexit win are all sparking calls for a second referendum.

After one of the world’s most poorly-run, deceptive and potentially disastrous referenda, the real world seems to be dawning on a large number of UK citizens as well as British expats living in EU member states and across the world. Calls for a second referendum include those who were disenfranchised due to the postal voting chaos and those who’ve suddenly realised they were set up yet again by Britain’s political giants.

The first sign of disenchantment was the posting on the government’s website of a petition calling for another vote. Within two days, responders totalled over two million, although recent reports claim that at least 77,000 were either illegal as per the terms of the referendum itself or were fraudulent. An investigation is, apparently, under way.

The only good news in the UK media at present is that a second referendum is, in fact, quite possible, as last Thursday’s result gave a democratic imperative for the UK to leave the EU, but did not create a legally binding decision. Legality kicks in once the exit procedure has been initiated by a formal Article 50 declaration from the UK Prime Minister, whoever that may be after next November.

Simply by taking place, a second referendum would cancel out last week’s democratic imperative. One way to achieve that result would be to hold a general election in which one political party’s main platform would be Remain. Should that party win the election, a refreshed democratic mandate would have been created by the electorate themselves.

An early general election can come about only via a two-thirds majority vote in the House of Commons, a foregone conclusion as 350 MPs were and still are in favour of Remain. The immediate problem with this scenario would seem to be that both parties are at present in meltdown, whilst the general public are beginning to suspect that the referendum itself was a clever power play by Boris Johnson in order to become Prime Minister.

Should a second referendum become a reality, it’s to be hoped that British expats all over the world along with all those UK residents at present having second thoughts would band together to ensure Britain stays within the UK.
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