Could UK retirees in Thailand benefit from legal CBD

Published:  27 Jun at 6 PM
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British expats as well as UK residents were horrified recently when a young boy was denied his naturopathic medication for a rare and very dangerous epileptic condition.

The imposing of an illogical ban on the medical uses of cannabidoil (CBD), a non-hallucinogenic product of the hemp plant caused condemnation via British media reports and social media. Fortunately, the British government relented and allowed the CBD medication once it realised via public protest that the boy was likely to die if denied the unconventional but highly successful treatment for his up to 100 seizures every day.
In trials and in use in regions where it's permitted, CBD has been proven time and again to be effective against epilepsy, as well as against certain cancers.

Thousands of miles away on the other side of the planet, little Thailand also has a ban on all cannabis and hemp products, or at least it did until earlier this year. Whist the cannabis plant itself is still illegal, its botanic cousin hemp is now being selectively grown in trials aimed at the eventual production of medical grade CBD. The plant is being manipulated to contain less than 0.3 per cent of THC, the psychoactive element which causes highs and leads to addiction. One trial site is in the hills overlooking Chiang Mai’s Hang Dong district, and is being overseen by the city’s Maejo University agricultural department.

In addition, late in 2017, hemp with a level of THC below one per cent was legalised for medical and industrial purposes. Until 2020, only state-owned or sponsored enterprises can grow hemp, but the military government are in favour of CBD’s medical applications. Given the large number of elderly expats living in Thailand and cannabidoil’s proven effects on epilepsy, some cancers and general wellbeing, totally legalising its production and distribution as a medicine within Thailand will no doubt be welcomed.

In USA states where it’s already legal, another successful usage is on epileptic dogs who are suffering from the side effects of phenobarbital and potassium bromide, both of which are old remedies with distressing effects on dogs’ metabolisms. Given Thailand’s undeserved reputation as a totally third-world country, manufacturing and marketing CBD could bring approval as well as financial rewards both from its export and from medical tourism, whilst the UK is still struggling to keep up.
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