Letter to EU Facebook page tells it like it is for UK residents and expats

Published:  28 Mar at 6 PM
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Tagged: UK, Citizenship, Euro, England
Following last Saturday’s Unite for Europe anti-Brexit protest march in London, a UK expat living in Greece has started a Facebook page showing a letter she wrote to all EU member states’ officials setting out the facts about the UK’s support for Brexit.

Alison Cuff’s letter ‘tells it like it is’ as regards the untruths and exaggerations made by pro-Brexit lawmakers in the UK, and asks the EU to understand that a majority of voters in the UK did not vite for Britain’s leaving the European Union. She is asking those who agree with her to sign the online letter as another strike against the anti-EU lobby in the UK parliament.

The letter starts by pointing out the existence of a large and growing UK movement against Brexit, in spite of its lack of publicity in the pro-Brexit media. According to Alison, those posting online against Brexit have found pro-Brexit MPs are blocking their comments on social media, ignoring their letters and emails and refusing to meet with them in their constituencies. She fears EU citizens across the block have the impression that the majority of Britons support Brexit.

Making a crucial point about the EU’s perception of the British people as a whole, the letter clarifies that just 52 per cent of referendum voters were pro-Brexit, less than half the entire electorate and just 25 per cent of Britain’s total population. The government’s claim of an ‘overwhelming majority’ of votes in support of Brexit is, to quote a recently-coined description, ‘fake news’ and does not represent the reality.

In addition, many long-stay British nationals living in EU member states were disallowed from voting, even although they were first in the firing line should Brexit happen. The letter points out the pro-EU lobby is being deliberately sidelined, both by British media outlets and the efforts of well-funded nationalist pressure groups.

The truth, it says, is that the much-maligned ‘Remoaners’ value the stability, peace and prosperity of belonging to the EU, and cherish all the personal benefits of being part of the European community. Also recognised are the benefits of the single market and the customs union as well as the EU’s powerful voice on the international stage.

Finally, the letter states that, should Brexit become a reality, the millions of UK citizens who want to remain in the EU will not give up the struggle to rejoin after the expected formal exit in 2019. A movement to this effect is already underway and is hoping to attract many of the 73 per cent of Britons who did not vote to leave. Millions of UK citizens as well as expats wherever they live, wish to stay within Europe, and will have their voices heard.
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