Managing the transition to expat from dissatisfied human

Published:  30 Dec at 6 PM
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Making the initial decision to emigrate depends on a number of personal choices.

Given that emigration is a major and often life-changing decision, it pays to evaluate the reasons behind your dissatisfaction with your present circumstances. The same applies if you’re already an expat but are increasingly unhappy with your job and present location. Trying something new has been the human response to discontent for millennia, but evaluating your reasons for relocation has never been more important.

The last several decades have seen a massive increase in expatriation as a cure-all for job dissatisfaction, personal crises or even the wish to simply try something new. Nowadays, digital nomads have taken the trend even further, grabbing their experiences in temporary stays before moving on to the next challenge. The search for improved career prospects, new adventures, new friends and new memories seems to be never-ending, but self-examination is becoming less and less relevant.

The need for change is all too human as it reflects discontent but, in order not to start the entire process again, finding the cause of your discontent is important. Feeling lonely is one spur, along with a perceived lack of opportunity in a present job, an unsuccessful relationship or a lack of freedom. Working out the reasons behind the wish for change at least ensures you don’t make the same mistake again.

Once you’ve established your reasons for needing to move on, one way to manage the transition is to focus directly on your goals. This boosts positivity and helps defeat any unforeseen challenges along the way. Positive thinking translates into self-confidence, reduces the inevitable stress of moving on and enhances your ability to deal with setbacks. Once you’ve taken the initial step of working out why you’re restless, the rest of the lifestyle equation falls into place.
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