Expat Blog Awards 2012 Winners: Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, USA, Viet Nam, Wales, Zambia

Expat Blog Awards 2012


Welcome to the Expat Blog Awards 2012 winners' page for the following countries: Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, USA, Viet Nam, Wales, Zambia.
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8 Months In Ukraine (gold)
I'm Katherine and last September I made the move from Alaska to Ukraine. Believe it or not, traveling through Latin America and speaking Spanish was my passion for many years... One fan says: 8 Months In Ukraine is an exceptional blog: well written, entertaining, engaging, and full of fascinating anecdotes about life in Kharkov. Have you ever wondered what getting dental work done in Ukraine would be like? Well, now you can find out. I highly recommend following 8 Months In Ukraine!
Many Coloured Days (silver)
My name is Andrea. I am still at the stage of getting used to my age beginning with a four. A serial expat, a trailing spouse. One fan says: Andrea always finds colorful experiences to write about as she and her brood explore the streets of Kyiv: lots of great photos, lots of humor, interspersed with flashbacks to Moscow and trips to other cities. I love her take on the quirkiness of Ukrainian life!
TryUkraine.com Blog (bronze)
Observations and adventures in Ukraine. Well worth the read, some really helpful posts here. We say: full of interesting business-oriented info about Ukraine; even includes how to get medical treatment without insurance.
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United Arab Emirates
FooDiva impartial restaurant reviews (gold)
Impartial, intelligent restaurant reviews and foodie features in Dubai, the U.A.E and internationally. One fan says: Makes me want to pack my bags and head for the UAE, complete with a hearty appetite!
Sum of Mind (gold)
Jessie K. is a Belgian expat living in UAE One fan says: I love how you experience your expat life! I always read your posts and check out your comments on situations.
Chef and Steward (silver)
We are a husband and wife team on an epicurean journey. Life is bland without good food and good times. As much as we are intrigued by gastronomical delights, we are trying to balance both the kitchen and bath scales. One fan says: I am not a fan of the kitchen but this blog makes me swoon!
Love and Life in... (silver)
The life and loves of an expat now living in Dubai, have relocated from Cyprus. From food to fashion, photography, design, art, culture, lifestyle and the weather. One fan says: Mimi is a wonderful, kind person. Her blog is always great to read and I love learning about all the unique things in and around Cyprus.
Life in the Food Lane (bronze)
A food blog by an expat gastronome with a culinary degree and a passion for food, travel, wine, and cooking. After leaving Amsterdam 15 years ago, home has been New Orleans, Cairo, Miri, and currently Dubai. One fan says: Five star blog, so much fun to read Francine's adventures! Big LOVE deserved!
The REAL Geordie Armani (honour)
I always have my eye out for a new restaurant or cafe in Dubai. One fan says: Geordie Armani keeps it real - honest, interesting, warm and approachable. Always helpful, often funny. Love her style!
A Canadian in Abu Dhabi (honour)
I am an Arts&Life editor in Abu Dhabi who was a columnist, blogger and trends writer in Canada before I picked up and moved to the UAE in April 2008. One fan says: An insightful and often hilarious look at a Canadian reporter living in the UAE. You never know what Ann Marie will write about next, but you can be sure it will be interesting!
Dubai's Desperate Housewife (honour)
Trials and traumas of a full-time mum in Dubai One fan says: Absolutely my most favourite blog in Dubai and a must read. She's funny, creative and a superb blogger. Keeps me and a few of us in Dubai and around entertained.
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Irish American Mom (gold)
Irish Mom becoming American. One fan says: Irish-American Mom by Mairead is informative, humorous, and educational. Her talent as a writer is proven by her resourceful insights and experiences. Mairead's diverse blog provides something for every reader: travel, history, culinary, and family.
UK Desperate Housewife USA (silver)
A little taste of America through my UK eyes. One fan says: More than a travelogue, this blog is laugh out loud funny as the intrepid writer finds her way through the world of American customs and culture.
Expat Mum (bronze)
Observation from the US of A. One fan says: I've long been a fan of Toni's blog and find that her descriptions of the cultural gitches between the US and UK spot on.
Jaraad (honour)
Jaraad talks culture and living in America (by Jaraad) One fan says: This is an outstanding blog that provides excellent insight into Arab culture, American culture, and the cultural (mis-)understandings as the 2 meet in the USA or in the imaginations of anyone around the world. Jaraad favours genuinely open and fair dialogue, which never descends into culture bashing. I always read the posts and the comments, and often comment myself. This blog has been invaluable in itself, and a conduit for the blogs of others via their high quality comments here.
Random thoughts of an Aussie expat (honour)
Nikki is an Australian expat whose first move was Hong Kong, after six years there she and her family moved to Durban, South Africa. Three years in South Africa ended in June 2012 and she has now relocated to Cobb County, Atlanta, GA USA. One fan says: I feel like I have known Nikki all of my life. I have laughed and cried reading her blog. I love her style, her humour and her energy. I always look forward to the next installment! Go Nikki!!!
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Viet Nam
Stickyrice (gold)
One Aussie bloke trawling the tables, market stalls and food baskets of Hanoi... We say: A food-based blog, with unusual pictures and some good writing.
Our Man in Hanoi (silver)
In 2004 Steve Jackson decided it was time for a change and signed up to VSO in Hanoi. After the job was completed and stints in Nicaragua, back home in Newcastle and later in Cameroon, he's back in Hanoi. We say: We particularly enjoyed his comments on Vietnamese offices!
Owee58 - Life and Travel in Vietnam (bronze)
Starting over in Vietnam, Mai & Owe are middle class Canadians now running a small hotel in a less touristy area, in a city called Nha Trang in Vietnam We say: A lively blog on the ups and downs of life in business in Vietnam and some good links.
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Living Dibley's Blog (gold)
The essence of a British lifestyle comes alive for the author when she moves from South Florida to South Wales (by Jann Seal) One fan says: I love reading Belinda's blog! It's awesome to hear about her new adventures living in Wales and being a newlywed. She always posts such great quotes and ideas, too. She should totally win the Expats in Wales Blog Award. Great job, Belinda!
Found Love... Now What? (silver)
Belinda is an American expat in Northern Wales. Blogging on becoming an expat, travel, being a new wife and much more. We say: Great title! Newly wed and settled in North Wales, she is slowing discovering some delights of her new home
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The Irish Exzaminer (gold)
The comical observations of a cynical Irish expatriate in Zambia. One fan says: Great blog. Always witty, clever and highly entertaining. Ceire has a unique ability to describe expat life in Zambia. Her ability to paint a hilarious description of general life is always worth a read!
And that's all she wrote (silver)
The adventure of moving to Zambia We say: Lovely pictures, especially of Zambian wild life, informative with some great anecdotes.
Letters from Lusaka (bronze)
A diary of moving to and living in Lusaka, Zambia. (by Kimm X Jayne) We say: We particularly liked the directions to her house: When people come to visit us I have to give them road markers, “turn right at the three-way split and follow the bougainvilleas on your left,” then “turn left at the corner house with three German Shepherds who will escape through the electric fence and try to block your path”!
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