Expat Blog Awards 2012 Winners: Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Ireland

Expat Blog Awards 2012


Welcome to the Expat Blog Awards 2012 winners' page for the following countries: Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Ireland.
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Hong Kong
Mint Mocha Musings (gold)
Former news presenter with Sky News, I'm on one helluva journey in the crazy and colourful city of Hong Kong We say: Hong Kong comes to life in Nicole's vibrant colourful posts.
Jadeluxe (silver)
In December 2009, Jade and her husband moved to Hong Kong for an Asian adventure and for her job as a court reporter. We say: We especially enjoyed her very original "about" page and rants on the subject of airlines (one in particular!), rude expats and a former employer. But she doesn’t just rant as her RAT post clearly
Expat Lingo (bronze)
Observations of a Serial Expat. American. China. England. Hong Kong. Check out my comics and stories about expat life. Proud to be Freshly Pressed by Wordpress! We say: Jennifer’s insightful posts on her life in Hong Kong include many gems, such as her "comic view of greater China" and her thoughtful observations on Hong Kong as "The Great Chinese experiment in freedom".
Hello Hong Kong! Bronwyn has landed (honour)
I have started this blog to share the many different and interesting things I encounter in this busy and exciting city One fan says: Love Bronwyn's blog about her experiences in HK and how she describes them... Keep writing!!
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Adriknows - Life in Budapest (gold)
Life in Budapest as Adri knows it After 12 years in Hungary, Adri knows how to live and love this crazy country, where hello means goodbye, cowboys wear skirts, and ketchup is for pizza. Fun ideas for life in Budapest. One fan says: I totally love Adri knows. Adri writes about the Hungarian reality from a special angle, building from real experience, the result is really refreshing and surprising -- for a Hungarian as well! I am embarrassed to say *Adri knows* MUCH more about all the things going on in Hungary than me (a local)... thanks for making me explore my own country through expat glasses!
The World in Between (gold)
My husband and I are US expats living in Bratislava and exploring what's next as we end our corporate America life. I blog about life in Slovakia, things to do and see in and near Bratislava, and where to go from here. One fan says: This blog was a great pre-read for the trip my husband and I recently took to Bratislava. I felt connected to Julie's blend of personal insight and well-researched explanations. When we arrived, I recognized and had context for our welcoming sights. The accompanying photos are far beyond what my tourist snapping can capture and give the blog a rich and vivid art value.
Alex Will Travel (silver)
I'm an American teaching English in Budapest, Hungary. My life is quite an adventure, and I share it in all its humorous glory on this site. One fan says: Alex captures his experiences in a positive, informative way while always adding a twist of humor that keeps me coming back to read each post. Before we moved to Hungary we did tons of research, and Alex's blog was one of the most helpful resources we found.
3 years in Hungary (bronze)
A stay at home mum moves from Scotland to Hungary. We say: Although somewhat few in number, there are some fantastically useful posts such as the one on "Essential ingredients". And we learn lots too about life outside and in Budapest.
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Eth & Thorn (gold)
I moved from Brooklyn, New York to Reykjavík, Iceland to start studying Icelandic as a Second Language at the University of Iceland. We say: Although not due to stay that long in Iceland (Fulbright scholarship), this is a fascinating blog, telling us about the Icelandic language, culture and television as well as such important events as the unveiling of the Christmas beer!
Navigating Wonderland (silver)
Muse, Parent, Write, Explore: These writings from Reykjavik are brought to you by Erica J Green, a writer and editor living in Iceland. We say: Brilliant for coffee lovers in Reykjavik, but not just them, as Erica captures the sheer beauty of Iceland in some fantastic pictures.
Aimee (bronze)
My name is Aimee. I'm originally from the Seattle, Washington area but am currently living in Höfn, Iceland. We say: Aimee is now living in Höfn and she provides vivid descriptions of the area and other parts of Iceland outside Reykjavik, complemented by some really beautiful pictures.
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Mumbai on the Slow Local (gold)
Elise's honest thoughts about living in Mumbai, living a slow life, living with an Indian boyfriend, and happiness in general! One fan says: The best part about the blog is that it puts a mirror in front of you. A fresh perspective on Mumbai from a totally new person makes you realize a lot of things about your own city that had taken the backseat in your mind. Insightful writing with crisp words and a dash of some aussie humour makes it a perfect read during your boring monday mornings.
Delhi Bound (silver)
An American family moved to New Delhi, India. They are now moving from India to Singapore, with a stop in Florida. One fan says: I started reading Delhi Bound before I moved to Delhi, and then happened to meet the author and we ended up good friends. I used this blog to help myself and my family for our transition to India, and then as a guide to navigate the city and the country, and finally as a way to celebrate all that is unique, wonderful, maddening and complicated about India. The blog is written from the heart, with an open-mind and a sense of humor. Love it!
Madam let me tell you one thing (bronze)
Hello, I'm Liz - and I live in Bangalore, and as you may have guessed, I'm not Indian. I'm actually Irish, but was raised in England, so rather confusingly have an English accent. One fan says: Very entertaining read which picks up on the sometimes comical, sometimes every day events that us Ex Pats in India just love! Keep the posts coming.
A Reason To Write (honour)
This blog started with my family's very unexpected journey to live in New Delhi, India. And most of the posts are about that adventure - the travel, the tribulations, and the amazing experience of living outside of the United States. We say: Not one of our top awards simply because the blogger left India a while ago, but some of her older posts, particularly her thought-provoking Unwritten Parts 1 and 2, justify her inclusion in this section and her large number of votes – hence the Honour!
India Adventure (honour)
India Adventure Our Family Experiences while living and working in India One fan says: Lloyd understands the intricacies, challenge and humor of living and working in India. I'm always amazed how seamlessly he has adjusted to life here. After years on the job his enthusiasm and endless appetite to explore new places only grows. Please keep writing!
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Our Spice Islands Adventure (gold)
Living in the Indonesian Archipelago (by Jason and Julie Nitz) One fan says: I've been reading about the Nitz family adventures in Indonesia for a while now. I enjoy how positive Julie's writing reflects their experiences. As a fellow expat living in Asia, it gives me joy!
Educating Wendy (silver)
One expatriate's insane life. Join the fun. Read along. Feel free to point fingers and laugh out loud... One fan says: Educating Wendy is one of my favorite blogs. I don't get to catch up so often now, since she actually has internet access all the time, and ours is still as it was when she left PNG, but her wit and charm knows no ends. If you have time, go back to the beginning, give yourself a relaxing Sunday - and laugh along as Dr Wendy tells it like it is :)
Stumble Abroad (bronze)
We are a family of 4 currently living in Jakarta Indonesia. I was born and raised in Mexico and constantly looking for new places to visit and live in. One fan says: Stumble Abroad offers a great perspective on expat life in Indonesia: From travel tips to raising a family to restaurant and spa reviews, there is great information for everyone, whether you are just passing through the Big Durian or headed there to live. As an expat living in Central America, I love reading about and seeing terrific photographs of life in Indonesia, as well as other places in Southeast Asia.
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French Foodie in Dublin (gold)
Originally from the Loire Valley in France, I moved to Dublin in December 2004 and never left because of love. One fan says: I actually discovered this blog thanks to ExpatsBlog, and I fell in love! Ketty combines perfectly 2 of my fav ingredients- love for food and for travels! She shows Dublin from a tasty point of view and I will definitely try some venues she recommends.
Crème de Citron (silver)
Food blog of a French freelance photographer and food lover. Moved to Ireland 8 years ago, a little detour of 3 years Down Under but back for good in this beautiful country. One fan says: Such a fabulous blog!!! I honestly look forward to reading it everyday on the tram on my way into work!!! The food is so descriptive I'm always starving by the time I get off the tram!! Magnifique blog!!
Aga Nuno Somewhere (bronze)
After spending 2 great years in Barcelona (before that 10 months in Bucharest, before that starting a Polish-Portuguese relationship in Warsaw in November 2008), we moved to Ireland. Follow our blog to find out more! One fan says: I have just discovered this amazing blog. I lived in Ireland for 5 years, but I'm back to Poland now... but when I feel nostalgic, I can always check new posts on Ireland and see how they like their new country :)
Life in Ireland (honour)
A family of immigrants from Russia residing in Ireland since 2002 shares its impressions about life in this country. One fan says: As an immigrant I love reading blogs that follow the lives of immigrants in Ireland. Their day to day lives, their success stories and so on. I must say this blog was recommended to me by a friend and so far I have no regrets. The blog inspires me in so many ways. Well Vladimir keep up the good work. All the best.
The Naked Baker (honour)
I am Swedish with an American mother but live in Dublin, Ireland since 2006. Love brought me here and the love of the country, friends and boyfriend have kept me here. One fan says: I really like this blog for the way its written, the mouth watering pictures and handy tips - its just great and I regularly visit it for updates ...sometimes I even bake using the recipes! A real winner for me!
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