Expat Blog Awards 2012 Winners: Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Egypt

Expat Blog Awards 2012


Welcome to the Expat Blog Awards 2012 winners' page for the following countries: Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Egypt.
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A matter of choice (gold)
A blog about an British expat Mum in Cyprus making a new life with a baby and toddler. One fan says: A warm and lighthearted blog that is also very informative and relevant to anyone who is not only only an expat but who is also a mum. This blog covers a varied range of subjects including crafts, helping to get certain documentation organised when in Cyprus, motherhood, cooking, and so many others. It also has the lovely touch of the regular flash back Friday and silent Sunday which I personally love. A very interesting read everytime and always delivered in friendly and strangely comforting manner. Love this blog :)
This is Cyprus... (bronze)
Brits, transplanted to Cyprus in 1997. Came for two years, still here after fourteen... One fan says: Informative and fun, and enjoyable slice of expat life in Cyprus.
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Czech Republic
Christopher's Expat Adventure (gold)
A blog about Christopher who relocated to Czech Republic through work at IBM. One fan says: Christopher's Expat adventure is by far my favorite blog. I look forward to each new post. The variety of Chris' content: travel, history, holidays, architecture, professional and personal experiences, among others, always keep the blog new and exciting. Chris is so talented in taking a cultural difference and explaining it in a way that makes the reader understand that the cultural difference is not good or bad but just different. He has a true gift of showing the common humanity and humor that transcends various cultures. I am excited to read about Chris’ future adventures and to feel as if I am there with him as I read his blog. Thank you for all your post. Keep up the great work.
Girl in Czechland (silver)
A British woman who decided to fall down the rabbit hole and experience the strange yet oddly familiar world that is Czechland. One fan says: Girl in Czechland writes brilliantly and always has an interesting and well thought out take on events. I particularly enjoy reading about her encounters with the Village People and the extent to which Czechman (dis)approve's of the blog post content... Furthermore, I think Girl in Czechland writes very well about the benefits and irritants of life in the Czech Republic. Often, readers like to find out how expats see their country and I think Girl in Czechland gives readers a very reflective but equally amusing account of how she finds life in the Czech Republic.
Ricky Yates - an Anglican in Prague (bronze)
I moved to Prague to become Chaplain to the English-speaking Anglican Episcopal congregation here in the Czech Republic. This blog is my attempt to reflect on ministering to English-speakers. One fan says: Ricky's blog posts are eagerly awaited they are informative amusing and incisive ! Ricky tells it as it is but always with the sensitively of a guest abroad. His insight into Prague customs brings to life in a special way his experiences with officials and restaurants alike and his constant efforts to improve the English translation of Czech menus is most amusing.!! Ricky's blog also contains some fascinating photos and of particular interest is the rare snow leopards . Ricky, thank you for bringing the ex pat experience to life and giving so much pleasure!
Adventures in the Czech Republic (honour)
Zoe is a British expat now living in South Bohemia, Czech Republic. One fan says: Great blog devoted to the Czech Republic, particularly the often over-looked areas outside of its capital city - with fascinating insights in to the culture and nature of various corners of the country. Occasionally poignant, frequently funny and always beautifully written.
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Sage & Simple (gold)
I'm Sage, an American girl living in Denmark. I choose happiness, living simply, with a sweet ginger cat named Opie, in a vintage home close to the sea. I live. I cook. I travel. I write about it here. One fan says: This incredible blog has fantastic, interesting stories and great writing and photography, along with a nice cat! What more could any blog possibly offer!?
Adventures and Japes (silver)
This was a blog about doing fun stuff in London instead of worrying about work. It became a blog about what integration in Denmark feels like. One fan says: An excellent, down to earth blog about the realities of life in Denmark sans the hype and marketing we are so accustomed to. The author does indeed tell it like it is in a realistic and daring manner, considering all the potential and real abuse she opens herself to.
Hej Sønderborg (bronze)
I got a job at the end of 2011 which is why we moved to Sonderborg on Als. I am from Malta, a Mediterranean nation the size of Als. The blog is mainly about the city of Sonderborg and the surrounding area - in English. We say: Joint Danish/expat blog, full of insightful posts about life in Denmark and the Danes. We particularly like the crash course in Danish for fans of 'Forbrydelse' (The Killing) and the useful post on buying a second-hand car!
Traveling Mama (honour)
Jack, Tina and their 3 kids have relocated several times. The US expats first moved to Spain for 2 years, then back to the US. Then Morocco and now Denmark! We say: This artistic blogger has many ideas on décor, design, baking and home-making to inspire all who venture onto her expat blog.
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Dominican Republic
What about your saucepans? (gold)
The story of the life of an expat woman living in a Dominican barrio with her Dominican husband, step sons and an assortment of animals. One fan says: "Laughter through tears" is probably the phrase I would use to describe Lindsays blog. A REAL look into the heart of life in the DR far away from the illusion from resorts and popular residential areas for expats. Her sense of humor is second to none and probably her secret for surviving and embracing the DR culture.
Travel Addicts on a Dime (silver)
The misadventures of a girl who loves to travel, moving to the Dominican Republic to serve. (by The Smuggler) One fan says: This blog is absolutely inspiring. I cannot say enough good things about it. Anyone thinking of visiting the DR would be well served by this incredible resource. Can't wait till the next post!
Amor y Sabor (bronze)
A multicultural fairytale of food, family and love. One fan says: It has been a pleasure frequenting Amor-y-sabor blog and getting to know the experiences of a cross cultural family; adjusting and being open to other's lifestyle and points of view. Very engrossing
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Cuenca Perspectives by Jim (gold)
With my sons making their own lives, it was time for their "old man" to spread his wings and fly again as well. Cuenca is now my home, and I couldn't be happier. One fan says: Would give your blog more than 5 stars if I could. You write well and very interestingly. Thank God, it's not just another one telling where you went and what you ate! I've been intrigued since I first discovered "CuencaPerspectives" more than two years ago. In fact, your blog was influential in my decision to come here last year and return this year. Your photographic skills leave me so envious. Keep on doing what you do so well!
GringosAbroad.com (silver)
We are a family of three from small town Nova Scotia, Canada. We moved to Cuenca in the summer of '09. We say: A huge resource with masses of information and lively posts; should certainly be checked out by anyone wishing to find about Ecuador.
Edd Said (bronze)
Edd is an American expat who has been living in Cuenca for a few years and offers some great tips for expats coming to Ecuador. We say: Edd shares his expat experiences in Ecuador in this lively and informative blog. Well worth a read!
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B & B in Cairo (gold)
BBC - Bringing you news of Brice and Bry from Cairo One fan says: I always enjoy reading this blog; they are informative and humorous. I appreciate the openess in which they share their experiences, good and bad.
Egypt Ramblings (silver)
LIFE IN EGYPT IS NEVER BORING. So whether I'm lugging my young son around Cairo on some new adventure or simply relaxing in the coolness of our living room, living abroad definitely has its ups and downs. We say: Sadly, this blog had to be interrupted by the blogger’s unexpected repatriation, but we have chosen it because it is so comprehensive, with posts, for instance, on the sights of Cairo, learning Arabic, reasons to visit Egypt and having a baby in Cairo. And we just love the picture in the post on “Egypt School of Driving: Traffic lanes”!
Living in Egypt (bronze)
Canadian Maryanne Stroud Gabbini moved to Egypt in the 80's with her husband and children. We say: Fascinating reading: we learn about the work of building up her farm and difficulties faced by the workers – there’s a moving one on the problems of maternal and pre- and post-natal nutrition – and her feelings on the changes taking place in Egypt. And so much more.
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