Expat Blog Awards 2012 Winners: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Belize, Bolivia, Botswana

Expat Blog Awards 2012


Welcome to the Expat Blog Awards 2012 winners' page for the following countries: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Belize, Bolivia, Botswana.
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Pick Up The Fork (gold)
Buenos Aires, I'm still hungry. A food lover's food blog with Buenos Aires restaurant reviews, recipes and overall silliness. One fan says: Best tips on where to go to eat in Buenos Aires, great palate, funny writer and nice photographic eye.
Rosario Connection (silver)
Rosario Connection is the ultimate guide to Rosario's best restaurants, bars, museums, activities and city escapes. Written by Sabine, a French expat who moved to Rosario in 2010. One fan says: Sabine is an inspiration to all expats! Her blog is always full of helpful information - from where to eat to where to study, what to do and how to do it, she has all the tips! Thank you so much for sharing your experiences Sabine and helping our experiences to be a bit easier than your pioneer blazed trail!
SaltShaker (bronze)
Chef, sommelier, food & wine writer. Buenos Aires’ longest running and best regarded restaurant review/critic blog. Travel tips, food news in Argentina and neighboring countries. One fan says: Casa Salt Shaker is the place to connect, meet people and tuck in to a home when in Buenos Aires. This is Dan's mission..food, wine, travel and everything groovy about BA. This blog is smart, witty, educational and keeps me thinking globally.
Notes From A Broad (honour)
Blogger moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina 5 years aso. One fan says: I am a big fan of this blog! It truly gives you a glimpse of what it's like to live in Buenos Aires - from the Friday photos that show you glimpses of everyday life to the longer, more eloquent reflections on expat living. C (the writer) has a warm, fun and generous voice and always seems to make the most of the adventure she is given.
Gay American In Argentina (honour)
I'm an American expat living in Argentina. If you're thinking about moving to Argentina or you simply want to visit, this blog is just for you! One fan says: I found this blog very insightful. It gave me a first hand perspective on the province of Cordoba in Argentina. My heart goes out to writer of this blog because I can see how much he struggles with the culture shock in some of his entries.
Seashells and Sunflowers (honour)
Musings and reflections on Argentine culture, food and current events from an American expat's perspective One fan says: I got to know Seashells and Sunflowers thanks to one of her many witty posts (This particular one was on female hygiene products - a must read for expat women in Argentina) Although I never spoke directly with Katie, I feel that I got to know her and her life in Necochea through her great blog. I even recommended it a few times as she has tons of information on getting Argentine residency...
A Gringo In Buenos Aires (honour)
A Gringo in Buenos Aires is a comprehensive guide for English speaking expats living in Buenos Aires. We will show you how to live like a Porteño! We say: While this is an absolutely fantastic resource for both expats and tourists, virtual readers will also love this insightful blog, with some amazing photos.
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Mademoiselle Slimalicious (gold)
Mademoiselle Slimalicious promotes a healthy lifestyle inspired by French culture, encouraging people to eat for pleasure but with moderation and balance while making healthy food choices and being naturally active. One fan says: This is a 5 star blog. Definitely a blog with a difference that fills a unique niche in Aussie blogs by being a little different in approach and style to all the rest.
In Search of a Life Less Ordinary (silver)
In Search of a Life Less Ordinary - Adventures in Making a Home Away From Home One fan says: Love this blog! Excellent read -- very well written and entertaining! Russell's posts are also full of very useful information that I've passed on to family and friends headed for adventures in Australia!
Chronicles of a Trailing Spouse... (bronze)
Mother of five blogging about life, kids and everything. After three years in the Middle East, is now getting to grips with living upside down in Australia. Where to next? Who knows... One fan says: I love, love, LOVE this Blog. As a trailing spouse myself, it is wonderful to read of another's antics and experiences abroad and Claire has such a wonderfully witty way with words that it leaves me in stitches every time. Keep it up, Claire! You are so very talented!
sami's colourfulworld (honour)
Travel, Australia, cats, crafts One fan says: Sami's blog is great - a colourful and interesting read - she is also a great blogger for sharing information, ideas and tips - highly recommended blog!
The Adventures of Twins (honour)
We've taken the path less travelled and somehow stumbled into Australia. Not knowing where we're going is what inspires us to travel it. (by The Adventures of Twins) One fan says: I absolutely love this blog. These girls provide excellent insight into their experience of studying abroad in Australia. Not only do they explore well-known monuments such as the Opera House, but they also share accounts of hidden alleyways and daily living. Excellent writing complimented with great pictures. The posts are always a pleasure to read.
mummigrants (honour)
mum migrants of the world unite mum-mi-grant [mum- i - gruhnt] noun - a mummy who migrates to another country, usually for permanent residence An honest look at being a mum and a migrant. One fan says: This blog is fantastic! It shows the true picture of life in a new country with the challenges and delights of absorbing a new culture and adapting to it. The writers are eloquent and honest and I look forward to many more episodes in future.
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A Mommy Abroad (gold)
Observations, lessons learned, triumphs and failures in living (and travelling) abroad with two young children. A chronicle of our constant adventure. One fan says: The first thing I noticed about this blog was its honesty. The author deals with the things that every mom must face - trying to teach her children to grow into the adults she envisions them becoming. Following close on the heels of honesty, there is laughter, fun, exploration and faith in humanity. She touches on the thrills of being an expat - getting to visit new places and explore. She also touches on the isolation, the distance from friends and family, and the challenges of moving to a country where she doesn't speak the language. All of this is draped in so much love. I read it every single day.
The Practice Room (silver)
Notes on music, the world, and life in the Austrian Alps We say: Information, observation and comment about music and Austria, abound in this expat's posts. Complimented, to quote a fan, by some "awesome photos".
Sushi and Strudel (bronze)
My name is Kristen, and I am a Southern Californian who has called Austria home since 2007 and Vienna home since 2008. This blog will highlight the best of my dining adventures in and around Vienna. We say: Kristen writes an entertaining and informative food blog providing a perfect guide to the delights found in Vienna and showing how old traditional Austrian fare is now complemented by mouthwatering dishes invented elsewhere but, as she says, with the "emphasis on local and seasonal food sourcing".
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Best of Brussels (gold)
Blog with reviews and recommendations on the best of Brussels for visitors, expats and locals - things to do, places to eat and sites to see! One fan says: This is a great blog, provides loads of ideas on things to do, places to eat, and it's a nice way of connecting more deeply with a city that is not always easy to discover. The love of Brussels shines through!
Ivory Pomegranate (gold)
An American twenty-something woman writing about and photographing bits of daily life, work and travel. Just moved from Kyrgyzstan to Belgium. We say: Absolutely fascinating blog - we got really caught up in the house-hunting saga! Even though back in the States to have her baby - we wish her well! - she still gives entertaining info on Kirgistan - and we are really looking forward to reading future posts on life in business and with baby when Kirstin returns to Bishkek.
CheeseWeb - Expat Life in Belgium (silver)
I am an expat and trailing spouse living in Brussels, Belgium writing about traveling, photography, life as an expat in Europe, food, and art. CheeseWeb provides a personal perspective as well as resources for expats. One fan says: Cheeseweb is a great resource for expats, as well as anyone travelling in Belgium and beyond.Tons of information on things to see and do, where and what to eat,as well as tips to help you make the most of your stay. I particularly enjoy the lovely photos of beautiful gardens,charming villages, and mouthwatering dishes.Wonderful!
Why I am not Skinny (bronze)
sharing food experiences One fan says: Perfect for expats, whyiamnotskinny helps us break out of our comfort zones and try new places. Anywhere that gets a good review for customer service is going to be a must-try. And as for the recipes - I'm buying a new kitchen to be able to try them out and start entertaining myself, that's how good they are!!!
Brussels Life Beauty (honour)
My beautiful life in Brussels. This blog was meant as some sort of a diary of a 30something girl living and working in Brussels. One fan says: Good job, girl!! This is great! An interesting point of view on life in Brussels. Looking forward to more ;-)
Bon Voyage (honour)
A children's and travel book author, journalist and a semi-professional Mum living on a shoestring budget in Brussels, Belgium. One fan says: What a great invision of Belgium to an American. What insight is shared here. I now know I must come and visit Belgium.
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San Pedro Scoop (gold)
About 6 years ago, I made a big switch. I went from bond trader on Wall Street to living on a small island in Belize. Here's my daily blog about life on Ambergris Caye...the good and the bad. One fan says: Informative, insightful, witty, unpretentious, well written but unscripted, written from the heart. Love the San Pedro Scoop.
Letters to my friends (silver)
I moved to Belize on May 1, 2011 (originally from Bucks County, Pennsylvania) and I'm currently waiting for immigration to approve my permanent residency application. One fan says: I love Carrie's blog. She tells so much about her life on the mainland, and since I have only been to AC, it is great to get more info about life in different parts of Belize. Plus, her photos are wonderful, and I love seeing what she wants to show of her life there.
Beyond The Diploma (bronze)
Beyond the Diploma highlights the adventures of Swim & Staci Ann, two 20-somethings who packed up their lives in Seattle and moved to Placencia, Belize for two months. One fan says: Staci and Swim are spreading great energy with this blog! More people should see it! :O)
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3rd Culture Children (gold)
Life of a globetrotting family of 5 in the US foreign service. La Paz will be our home for the next 2 years - we're excited and curious with all the possibilities... One fan says: 3rd Culture Children has a wonderfully diverse mix of cultural posts, photography, food, local and daily life, and just general musings on life. It is a blog that gives you a glimpse of life as an expat, not life as a tourist living temporarily somewhere other than "home."
Experience Bolivia (silver)
This blog is all about my life and experiences in Bolivia; a wonderful and fascinating place to live. We say: At the same time as promoting the services they offer, the blogger paints an alluring portrait of Bolivia. We learn some interesting facts about the country from "Did you know this about Bolivia" and her "Taking a Cat on the Bus" post is both informative and hilarious!
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Monkeys on the roof (gold)
An expat blogging from Chobe, Botswana We say: What a wonderful blog! With fantastic pictures, beautiful descriptive writing and thought-provoking quotations, the blogger brings us right into Botswana and the neighbouring areas.
Border Town Notes (silver)
I enjoy living in the north east corner of Botswana, where my husband and I run our own business. We say: Karen’s blog is a delight. She does not always post as much as she - or her readers - would like, but her words and photos give us a real picture of life in her part of Africa.
Rue Sansregret (bronze)
Follow the journey of a Canadian volunteering in Botswana. We say: Stephanie is clearly not just doing a valuable job volunteering in Botswana, but, through her detailed blog, is telling us an incredible amount about the country and its people.
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