Expat Blog Awards 2012 Winners: Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden

Expat Blog Awards 2012


Welcome to the Expat Blog Awards 2012 winners' page for the following countries: Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden.
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Chronicles of Serbia (gold)
Blue Collar expat writes the other Jones Diary. With cross-cultural hubby and little Millie in tow, our adventures from the U.S to Serbia are fare game. One fan says: I love this blog and the writers honesty in sharing openly the struggles of being an expat. Learning and living in a new culture is not for faint of heart and this blog thus provides companionship of sorts to many who are expats themselves. Bravo to the author.
Expat Mommy (silver)
The Adaptable American - an expat mommy surviving and thriving in Belgrade, Serbia One fan says: I am a huge fan of Laura's blog, because she talks about the small things of life in a sensitive and tactful way. A great blog!
Real Housewife of Belgrade (bronze)
Read, Write, Run, Roam (by real housewife of belgrade) We say: Great blog with fascinating snippets of information for would-be expats/travellers.
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Tale of a Trailing Spouse (gold)
Coming to you from Singapore. I gave up my career, country, family, and friends to become a professional vagabond and citizen of the world. I've lived in four countries on three continents. So far, it's been a wonder One fan says: From the first post, I was hooked. I love Diana's writing style, there is always a twist of humour amongst the realities of being an expat wife. Well done.
Living in Sin (silver)
English-Irish lifelong expat (though I don't like the term) living and working in Singapore for at least the next 2 years. Blogging about what it is like to move here. One fan says: I love this blog! Having not visited yet (but in the plan) it makes me so excited to visit next year! I feel like I am living the experience through this blog and can really connect! Thank you!! :)
21st Century Mummy (bronze)
British expat mum & wife blogs about family life in singapore. Reviews, news, opinions, family holidays & travel, parenting, shopping and having fun. One fan says: Love this blog for keeping up with the latest and greatest out and about in Singapore, for expat mums and kids alike. A breath of fresh air. Keep it coming 21st Century Mummy!
Brave, or just crazy? (honour)
After living in Montreal for the past 17 years, my husband and I packed up and moved our 3 boys to Singapore. One fan says: Amazing blog!!! So wonderfully written!! Amazing!! I'm discovering Singapore thru her words and her photography! Love it!!
Expat Adventures in Singapore (honour)
My experiences, both the good and the bad, during my expat adventure in Singapore. One fan says: I vote for Laura's blog. I have been following Laura's blog since it started. She has covered moving from the UK to Singapore, the sights of Singapore, good places to eat and visit and these are always well written and interesting.
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Expat in Slovakia (silver)
Sabina is a twenty-something year-old Romanian currently living in Bratislava, Slovakia. One fan says: Nice blog - for an inhabitant of Slovakia, just a different angle of view. quite funny.
Havran (bronze)
Our adventure in deepest Central Slovakia. Leaving the shores of the United Kingdom to come back to my wife's homeland to experience The Real Good Life, or so we hope... We say: We loved reading about expat life in the Slovak countryside, but not sure we'd survive!
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South Africa
Joburg Expat (gold)
A blog about the tales of an American mother of four in Johannesburg, and the top source of relocation advice for expats moving to South Africa. One fan says: As a former expat in South Africa I can vouch for the real life experiences that Sine presents in a positive and humorous fashion. Reading it you can see she is genuinely committed to helping and providing valid, useful and current information for expats in Joburg and South Africa in general, presenting it in a format that is fun and engaging for those who are not living in SA to read and look forward to on a regular basis.
Expat (ish) (silver)
Polish born, now expat living in Cape Town, South Africa! Has lived in various other countries prior to SA, including UK and New Zealand. We say: A really entertaining and thoughtful take on being an expat in South Africa.
Chickenruby (bronze)
As if raising teenagers isn’t hard enough! We thought we’d emigrate to South Africa as well. Join me on our journey with a few rants thrown in. One fan says: I love reading this blog! She's been through so much with so little support and I really admire her resilience.
Funky Doodle Donkey (honour)
Traveling nomad with hunky husband and adorable twins. Living in the metropole of Johannesburg and traveling as much as we can. Cooking, photography and finding the funky here and there that make me wiggle and giggle. We say: An incredibly wide-ranging blog, with some really lovely photos, covering not just the activities of her and her family, but also some of realities of life in SA. The fact that Mireille is a caring person shines through the whole blog.
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Anna Nicholas (gold)
Anna Nicholas was born in Kent and largely brought up in London. She lives in Mallorca with her husband and writes about her life commuting between London and the Spanish island of Mallorca. One fan says: Anna has boundless energy and enthusiasm for life in general and for life in Mallorca. This is more than apparent in her own blog and other articles she writes for leading publications. Her articles are informative, funny and highly relevant to her audience. I am an anglo-spaniard and Anna is one of the few expats I know who truly captures the essence of Spain and Mallorca - the good, the bad and the ugly, but in an entertaining and non judgemental way. A true gem!
Family Matters Mallorca (silver)
living, working, learning and growing in Mallorca. !´m bringing up La Gidg (7) with my husband, whilst adopting far too many cats, running a business, and getting stuck into community life. One fan says: A fantastic Blog Vicki, I really do not know how you juggle so many balls! You always keep us entertained and informed. You are always so interested in local events and everyone's news, you passion for Special Needs and Charities is phenomenal and you are an inspiration to us all xxxxxx
East of Malaga (bronze)
The AUTHENTIC Costa del Sol, east of Malaga is a beautiful area known as La Axarquia. Share everyday life, see stunning photos and learn all about pretty white villages. Once you´ve arrived you´ll never want to leave! One fan says: Who wouldn´t want to visit east of Malaga after reading Marianne´s blog? Great resource for visitors and expats alike. I particularly like reading about the little things not mentioned on other sites - like herds of goats on the road or collecting post from the post office box. That´s what makes it so real for me.
Wagoners Abroad (honour)
A USA family of 4 that sold it all to live in Almuñécar, Spain. The plan is to soak up as much of the European Culture as we can. We contribute to our blog by sharing our experiences, excursions and expat life in Spain. One fan says: Very informative blog that gives real insight into living a normal life in a new country. The good, the bad, and the ugly of adjusting to a new culture. Great mix of practical information and family adventures!
Family Life in Spain (honour)
British family living in Mijas in Malaga, South of Spain. Legal and General Advice, including information about relocating and all aspects of living, working and enjoying family life in Spain. One fan says: Relocating to Spain or considering the idea. You must read this site. Real advice from a family that have done all the paperwork themselves. Great advice.
A lot of wind... (honour)
Robin is a writer/photographer and an expat in Spain. He blogs about the trials, tribulations and triumphs in Tarifa, Spain! One fan says: Robin writes heartfelt, personal, funny stories which show another side of the expat-in-Spain experience. And his photos are pretty good too!
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Something Swedish (gold)
An Expat Blog about a New Yorker Learning to be a Swedish Wife! One fan says: I have been following this blog for half a year, and I never fail to be entertained and enlightened by Meg's stories. She covers a full mix of expat topics: from food and language, to historical tidbits and detailed photography. She's the sort of expat who doesn't just want to glorify her life abroad, but is genuinely keen to educate and share with others.
Surviving In Sweden (silver)
Armchair anthropologist, ex-pat, Swede-in-training One fan says: Funny and intelligent!
59 North (bronze)
Travel writer from Cincinnati, Ohio now living in Stockholm, Sweden and exploring the world with an Aussie husband. Going Viking is my in progress memoir. We say: A really good read, with a huge amount of information about living in/things to do and see in Sweden.
Blogs.sweden se (honour)
An insider look at expat life in Sweden. We say: The Swedish Institute's own expat blog, currently written by Kristin Lund is both interesting and entertaining! Especially "Rabbit" her expat dog!
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