Expat Blog Awards 2012 Winners: Italy, Ivory Coast, Japan, Jordan, Kenya, Korea South

Expat Blog Awards 2012


Welcome to the Expat Blog Awards 2012 winners' page for the following countries: Italy, Ivory Coast, Japan, Jordan, Kenya, Korea South.
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My Village in Umbria (gold)
In 2009, I moved from a US city to the Umbrian countryside to marry my Italian beau. MyVillageinUmbria chronicles our life, love, adventures and misadventures in my adopted Italian homeland. One fan says: Liz is such a wonderful observer and writer. Her work is always witty, beautifully written, and insightful. Her blog is a wonderful escape into another world, but she doesn't shy away from discussing some difficult realities at the same time. This blog is a lot of fun to read, and it encourages readers planning a trip to Italy to go off the beaten path and explore some smaller destinations in the countryside.
News from Italy (silver)
A blog about Italy, sharing life in Lazio and beyond. One fan says: A fantastic blog that I read all of the time. Linda provides captivating articles about Italian life and culture, often accompanying those articles with her own superb photos. Linda enjoys hearing comments from others and her friendly responses make reading the blog even more enjoyable. This blog is precisely what an expat in Italy blog should be, and is certainly deserving of the award.
il bel centro (bronze)
Spello, Umbria, Italy • Chronicling the creation and pursuit of a dream—living a year in the beautiful center. Where there is joy, love, and pasta. Lots and lots of pasta. One fan says: With its beautiful photographs, delicious recipes and evocative writing, Il Bel Centro is a treat for the senses. And I challenge anyone reading this blog not to fall in love with Michelle and her family, let alone Italy.
John P Brady (honour)
John P Brady - Irish Writer Journalist and Blogger Short stories, fiction and articles on social subjects, travel and a blog about life in Italy. One fan says: I love this blog - it is written from an ex-pat's perspective but with a real local flavour. Insightful, humourous and well written!
Driving Like a Maniac (honour)
DLaM is written by Kate Bailward - aka Katja. It is mainly made up of stories and observations of life in southern Italy, and is updated once a week, on Mondays. One fan says: Utterly love Driving Like a Maniac. Clever, well written and so hilarious it is responsible for many odd looks from fellow commuters as I laugh out loud on public transport.
The Divorced Lady's Companion to Living in Italy (honour)
CATHERINE MCNAMARA grew up in Sydney and moved to Paris to study French, and ended up in Ghana running a bar. She moved to Italy eight years ago. One fan says: Catherine is a poet in four-inch heels, and she always makes me laugh.
Sunshine and Tomatoes (honour)
British expat, English teacher, keen traveller, food fanatic, occasional follower of fashion. Discovering Italy one gelato at a time... One fan says: Sunshine and Tomatoes lives up to its title - it's bright, vibrant and full of life. Amy's posts are always full of tips, tidbits, humour and heart. From photos of stunning scenery to fashion, cultural faux pas to charming pick-me-up blurbs; this blog is always a pleasure to read!
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Ivory Coast
Global Grazers (gold)
Traveling the world & sharing the adventure One fan says: Thanks for sharing your expat experience through your amazing blog.It makes me want to know more about Cote d'Ivoire, its landscapes, its culture and beautiful people. Keep up the great work!
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Surviving in Japan (gold)
Unique resources and how-to guides for expats living in Japan One fan says: Possibly the most useful blog in the world, let alone Japan. Ashley's tireless work made my 5 years in Japan much easier to navigate. Although I left the country last year, I still can't resist looking back regularly for updates and to indulge my nostalgia. Keep up the great work, Ashley!
Japan Australia (silver)
Japan Australia is a blog about Japan containing useful tips and advice about Japan. It is dedicated to Japan travel, food, cooking, music, fashion and culture. By an Aussie back to Australia recently after living in Japan for 10 years. One fan says: This is one of my favourite Japan blogs as it covers a wide range of topics and is very informative. Keep up the good work.
Zooming Japan (bronze)
All about daily life, working and traveling in Japan through the eyes of a German expat. We say: A wealth of fabulously informative posts, complemented by a gorgeous design. Just remember she's German and not American!
Life in Japan (honour)
Living in Japan, teaching English, studying Japanese, and drawing comics since 2004. We say: We wanted to give this an honorary mention to highlight such an unusual expat blog! Fantastic!
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aqababy (silver)
We're the Scott family. We're from Pasadena, California and we just moved to Aqaba, Jordan. We say: Covering both Aqaba and Amman, this family expat blog is full of witty posts - we particularly liked the one on dyeing eggs!
It's an expat life for us (bronze)
Life in Amman, Jordan. We say: Michelle and Robert, although not long in Jordan, blog with an enthusiasm that we found incredibly contagious!
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Work and Wanderlust - Kenya travel blog (gold)
An American living, working, and adventuring in Kenya. We say: You really get a feel of Kenya from this fantastic blog. We particularly liked Tara’s hilarious transcript and description of a Kenyan wedding in 2011 and the aerobic classes in 2012. There are some stunning pictures too.
From Countdown to Kenya (silver)
Posts about an Irish girl volunteering in Nairobi. Topics include Kenyan politics, society and culture, my travels around the country and my personal experiences as an 'expat'. We say: What an intriguing title, which Andrea explains. From commuting Nairobi-style to the Kenyan second-hand market, Andrea’s posts brilliantly combine humour with vivid descriptions of her life in Africa.
Africa Expat Wives Club (bronze)
Left UK 2 days after wedding. Wound up spending honeymoon being sick in Zanzibar carting worldly possessions around to take to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania for four years. Now live in Kenya and have three daughters. We say: Just searching for info on Kenya throws up a mine of information and there’s a great post on malaria too. The blogger’s experiences are entertainingly written and, although the blog hasn’t been updated since June, the forum still seems live.
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Korea South
The Ketchup War (gold)
Irish Girl meets Canadian boy. He has a band, she has a blog.... they both live in Korea now. One fan says: The Ketchup War is a brilliant blog. I've lived in Asia myself so I really enjoy the hilarious anecdotes about Korean life. Tuesday Timewasters and Quotes Friday posts are also fantastic for entertainment whenever you've got some time to kill.
Whit B Nimble (silver)
I currently live in Seoul, South Korea with my boyfriend, Angelo. We teach English and spend our free time exploring with cameras in hand, and daydreaming about where we'll live next One fan says: Lovely little blog. It has a nice aesthetic design and is full of the daily observations on the beauty of every day happenings in life. It's refreshing to see a blog about Korea that focuses on daily life for an expat, and not merely the travelling aspect of it.
Farsickness Blog (bronze)
Farsickness chronicles an American expats travels and eats in South Korea. One fan says: Clear, insightful and entertaining, Farsickness is a top blog on my daily read. Creative topics and beautiful photos make this a gem among travel blogs. The writers voice and enthusiasm about the places she visits keep me returning to wonder where has she gone now.
Living in Another Language (honour)
A journey out of our comfort zone and into the unknown. (by derikandamanda) One fan says: Whether its hilarious anecdotes about living in a foreign country, thoughtful pieces about what its like to live far from home, or gorgeous, exotic photos of the wildlife, culture and sites of E Asia - this blog has it all!
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