Finding the right home is worst headache for expats

Published:  5 Apr at 6 PM
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One of the biggest problems when emigrating overseas is finding the right home at the right price.

Moving overseas is perhaps one of the most stressful undertakings you’ll ever face, whether you’re relocating for business or personal reasons. If your destination is one of the three top favourites for expats, Switzerland, India and the USA, the same hassles of healthcare, transportation and housing needs all apply. Lower down the list are essentials such as childrens’ schooling, understanding cultural differences, the weather and learning a new language at least well enough to get by.

The world’s top expat relocation country is, of course, the USA, with most immigrants from the West heading for new jobs and taking their families with them. Major expat destinations are New York, San Francisco, Chicago and Los Angeles, each of which tends to be a house purchase metropolis peppered with scarce and expensive rental homes. Putting up prices for new renters is a favourite with landlords, along with significant advance deposits, and attempting to avoid the above by living outside the city is even trickier, as many homes advertised by rental agents are already taken.

Switzerland is world-famous as the manicured home of the world’s ultra-wealthy with property prices to match all across its beautifully-organised expanse of town and country. The supply of homes for sale or rent is static, encouraging sky-high rents and unaffordable luxury homes for sale, especially in and around the multi-millionaire hubs of Geneva and Zurich.

Finding a suitable rental home in India is every expat’s worst nightmare. The vastness of the country and the huge gap between the haves and the have-nots blur the edges of districts and areas, making desirable homes in safe, comparatively private neighborhoods hard to find even for experienced relocation specialists. Gated communities aren’t as prolific as in many Asian countries, and attractive apartments in modern high-rise blocks are often the only option, although they’re hard to find at a good price.

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