Protecting UK expat assets at this crucial time

Published:  6 Sep at 6 PM
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As Britain’s parliamentary crisis worsens and Brexit creeps closer, Brits in Europe are becoming ever more concerned about protecting their assets.

As the Johnson premiership becomes even more unstable whilst the Brexit clock keeps ticking, British expats in the EU are increasingly concerned about protecting their assets against the worst possible scenario. As expected, representatives from the major independent financial advice companies are urging continued investment, at a time when even top financial experts are unsure as to the stock market’s reaction to these world-wide troubled times.

Expats are especially hard hit by the present shenanigans’ effect on the pound, even although it’s now generally accepted even by leavers that a no-deal exit from the EU would result in devastating effects on the British economy in general. The results of the proposed general election would also be crucial for the stock market, already in an unstable condition due to the USA/China trade war, making advice to keep investing suspicious at best and profiteering at worst. It’s possible that, as happened in 2008, highly experienced traders could well make yet another fortune over the next several months, but the majority of UK expat retirees in Europe could well lose everything if this advice is followed.

Some financial sectors’ CEOs suspected of supporting a no-deal Brexit are even suggesting an imminent election would harm sterling’s value still further. However, should the Labour Party win and form a new government under Corbyn, others now believe the collective sigh of relief following the permanent removal of the present PM might actually stabilise the currency for a while, thus allowing meaningful Brexit decisions to be made. One thing’s for sure, the combination of a no-deal Brexit and a continuing Johnson premiership is the worst possible outcome for UK expats as well as the country as a whole.
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