What do Scots expats miss about their unique homeland

Published:  7 Apr at 6 PM
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With many thousands of Scots living all over the world and millions more with Scottish heritage, what do expats far from the glens and braes miss about their country?

It’s true to say that the Scots have always been an adventurous race, and even truer that their love for their small country stays with them wherever they roam in the world. For centuries, Scots have emigrated to wherever their fancy took them, including the ‘New World’ of America, but Scotland and its unique heritage and beauty is always in their minds.

Scotland isn’t just a small country tacked on to the north of England, it’s a nation enormously proud of its history and heritage. Castles are everywhere, some dating from the times when Scotland was at war with its southern neighbour and some, smaller and less overpowering, were the mansions of local clan chiefs. Each has its own fascinating tale to tell, and all are missed by expat clansmen.

For Scots, one of the joys of living is eating, with the average Scottish breakfast overflowing the plate. Who wouldn’t miss a slab of square sausage, a fat square of black pudding, two eggs, several thick slices of cured back bacon, a potato scone and a helping of baked beans. Wherever Scottish expats end up, breakfast just isn’t the same.

Scotland’s best-known drink is the oddly-named IrnBru, a strange, caffeinated orange-flavoured beverage considered to be the only sure cure for a hangover. Given the Scots love of their unique malt whisky, it’s no surprise that IrnBru is sadly missed by expats.

Scots humour is as unique in its own way as is Jewish humour, although most non-Scot Sassenachs will find it almost impossible to understand due to the dialect in which it’s delivered! It’s up there with the tartan, the kilt and everything that identifies a true Scot, even if he’s an expat.

True Scots living overseas might well miss Scotland’s version of the free UK National Health Service. However, unlike the southern version, this NHS is still there for its patients rather than for its administrators. It’s not unheard of for older Brits to move from England to Scotland to gain access to the facilities.

Last and sadly missed by many expat Scots is the stunning natural beauty of the land itself. From the glens and lochs to the mountains and windswept offshore islands, Scottish scenery is breathtakingly magnificent. One thing that might not be missed, however, is the weather.
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