US citizens discover the advantages of moving abroad

Published:  16 Feb at 6 PM
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With increasing numbers of disenchanted US citizens making the move to overseas locations, it’s no surprise that most find their lifestyles and living costs are far better than in the home country.

Media reports of an increase in the number of Americans desperate to emigrate after the Trump inauguration are prompting stories of actual expat experiences across the globe. Canada is a favourite due to ease of access and the fact that English is the local lingo, although those heading for Quebec province will need to prove their ability in French. The reality of living outside the USA is that a better quality of life along with many other benefits are easily available in many locations.

Americans decide to leave and set up in other countries for a variety of reasons. One survey revealed 35 per cent were simply looking for adventure whilst 31 per cent knew they’d enjoy living in an unfamiliar country. The 2015 InterNations survey’s statistics showed 81 per cent of US expats were satisfied with their new lifestyles, with 32 per cent considering staying put for the rest of their lives .

Soaring housing costs in their home countries are one reason why greater numbers are leaving first world nations. Whether renting or buying a house or apartment, new arrivals find both options are cheaper in the majority of popular expat destinations. Mexico and Spain are good for bargains, especially in out-of-town locations. For the truly adventurous, China is the ultimate challenge language-wise, but the cost of housing outside major city centres comes as a pleasant surprise.

The myth that Western-style healthcare is unavailable outside first world countries is just that – a myth. Not only is it available in most developing countries, it’s also far cheaper than in the USA. Mexico is famous for its affordable medical services, and top quality heathcare can be had in South Africa and Panama as well as a number of Asian expat hubs including India, China, Malaysia, Singapore and even Thailand. Many healthcare specialists take time off to train or work in the West before bringing their expertise back to their home countries.

Affordable higher education is another reason why Americans head abroad, with Germany’s universities offering free degree courses at public universities, including over a thousand college programmes delivered in the English language. Norway offers US students free education at state universities, as do Finland, Brazil and Argentina.
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