Sicilian village in a valley now selling its dilapidated homes for one euro

Published:  29 Nov at 6 PM
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The latest little town to offer a dilapidated property for just one euro on condition of its full restoration is located amid the beauty of southern Sicily and is suffering from de-population as its young people are leaving for Italy’s thriving cities. Bivona’s local authority is asking for a deposit of just £2,100 and allows four years for a satisfactory restoration to take place.
The charming little hill town is joining two other villages in the region, Mussomeli and Sambuca, but Bivona’s deposit requirement is half that of its rivals.

Narrow cobbled streets, spectacular views over the surrounding hills and endless orange and olive orchards come as standard in Sicily, with Bivona just one of a huge number of villages deserted by its young people as there’s no work and nothing to do. As the ageing population dies off, the villages die along with them and their homes finally collapse in heaps of rubble, taking with them the history and past glories of the region.

According to Bivona’s mayor, expats purchasing one of the run-down properties will need to wait for one year before being granted a building permit and the restoration must take no longer than three years from the date on the permit. In addition, for expat purchasers who decide to stay in the village and take up residency, appealing tax bonuses will be granted.

As regards the properties themselves, 100 are for sale, in conditions varying from total rebuilds to serious renovation for those in dire need of repair. For British expats with experience in the building trade as well as dedicated and experienced DIY enthusiasts with time on their hands, this is a chance well worth taking, as the local people are as friendly and welcoming as anyone could wish and the region is spectacular in its beauty.
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