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The Wooden Shoe Diaries
A Canadian expat in the Netherlands blogs about the zanier sides of life in Holland.
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  • Help us win! 4 months ago Hey there all you loyal Wooden Shoe Diaries readers! The Wooden Shoe Diaries is taking part in a contest for best expat blog, hosted by the good folks over at and me and The Shoes need your help.Readers can help this blog win a prize for best blog, and all you have to do to help me...
  • Smugness goeth before a Tiroler 4 months ago About five years ago I started to suffer from frequent headaches, the kind that feel exactly like an ice cream headache except in my eyeball and without the pleasant aftertaste. More often than not these headaches incapacitate me to the point where I spend most of the day in bed hovering over a...
  • Storm! Panic! Mayhem! 4 months ago My father loves a good winter storm. As soon as one is forecast, he begins tracking its progress with vigour. Almost all conversations with my father in the day(s) and hours leading up to the appearance of those first foreboding flakes begin with a commentary (his) on wind speed and direction. As...
  • Hunger games 6 months ago I think our neighbours are testing us. They keep inviting us to things. And I don’t mean that every once in a while one of our neighbours drops by to let us know they’re having an informal gathering that evening and would we like to stop by if we don’t have other plans? Such spontaneity is...
  • Boil them cabbage down 5 months ago The other day I was in the supermarket buying salad to go with my wine and potato chips when a woman approached me holding a bag of pre-shredded cabbage aloft as though she was about to present it as evidence and said (in Dutch): “Excuse me. Can I ask you something?”What, you have a burning...

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  • The WSD's Top Ten Signs You are Becoming Dutch Expat Blog Awards 2013 Anyone who has been living the expat life for a while will tell you that there comes a moment when you look in the mirror (yes, figuratively you silly gooses) and realize – shock, horror! –you are becoming one of them. Here me and The Shoes... Expat Blog Awards 2012: Netherlands Honourable Mention Award!

This blog won the Honourable Mention Award for best expat blog in Netherlands!

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16:19 PM November 03, 2012

We watch for Ernestine's Blog, it always cheers us and makes our day. Keep them coming.

Jean Mac Mullin
16:25 PM November 03, 2012

I love to read Ernestine`s blog The Wooden Shoe Diaries & have had the pleasure of meeting the Shoes when they were traveling this summer.Her blogs always give you a laugh & make your day a little brighter.Thanks Ernestine.

Sheila Harte
16:27 PM November 03, 2012

Yes, I do think this blog has what it takes to win! I always enjoy reading Ernestine's blog, her entries are well written and funny.

16:29 PM November 03, 2012

From entries that are bust-a-gut funny to OMG-I-didn't-know-that informative, The Wooden Shoe Diaries is always entertaining. Well written and with an appreciative eye for the absurd, Ernestine Lahey showcases the simple everyday moments of living in another country and, in doing so, makes the reader want to join her on her Dutch adventures. Wait...she does more than that. She takes us along with her. How I envy those wooden shoes! Give this blogger her award...she deserves it! (p.s. in the interest of full disclosure I feel it behooves me to mention that I am the blogger's sister. However, this familial relationship in no way influenced my comments).

Angie MacLeod
16:41 PM November 03, 2012

I have been reading Ernestine's blog for a year or so now. She has a wonderful way of turning her daily life experiences into the perfect drama/comedy skit that could be presented on any stage. I always look forward to her next adventure!

18:17 PM November 03, 2012

Ernestine has an excellence blog , always so funny and entertaining ,she does an outstanding job . Thank you for making a little part of my day brighter , oh yes, she deserves this award ...

20:04 PM November 03, 2012

Ernestine, you and your blog rock. I miss Linguistics classes with you - your blog helps with the homesicknes...

Valerie Williams
22:09 PM November 03, 2012

Look no further we have a winner. I always look forward to Ernestine's blog "The Wooden Shoe Diaries". Very well written and most entertaining.

Sarah Kisner
22:50 PM November 03, 2012

Yeah!! So funny. Always a pleasure to read :)

23:43 PM November 03, 2012

I do believe Ernestine has what it takes to win.Her blogs really makes my day.She is very funny and entertaining.

Florence Turnbull
00:05 AM November 04, 2012

Her blog is excellent and so funny. I read all her enteries

07:18 AM November 04, 2012


Eri Park
07:20 AM November 04, 2012

I love reading Ernestine's blog - not only is it hilarious but I also recognize my own life, in a funny way.

07:31 AM November 04, 2012

I enjoy so much the continuing saga of Ernestine's life in the Netherlands! She's able to describe, with wonderful wit and a dry sense of humor, the awkwardness one often feels when attempting to adapt to a new culture.

Laura MacInnis
11:10 AM November 04, 2012

Love reading The Wooden Shoe Diaries, very funny and entertaining, Ernestine should win this award.

16:14 PM November 04, 2012

It is amazing to be able to access the working and functioning of your inner brain, and I thank you for it. Needless to say, you must win.

21:56 PM November 04, 2012

Ernestine is absolutely amazing, her stories are hilarious and her writing is so good! (My favourites are the "what I wanted to say/what I actually said"-pictures)

05:50 AM November 05, 2012

love Ernestines blog, always look forward to her stories, so well written and always makes me smile

21:35 PM November 05, 2012

Insightful, witty and always a pleasure to read... Give those wooden shoes an award!

Florence Turnbull
21:15 PM November 08, 2012

Amusing and entertaining

07:41 AM November 09, 2012

Every single blog entry makes me laugh. Brilliantly written! Thanks Ernestine.

09:17 AM November 13, 2012

Love it, love her!

Chad Weidner
10:51 AM December 12, 2012

Hilarious. Makes me appreciate the zany quirkiness of expat life.

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