Expat Blog Awards 2012 Winners: Norway, Panama, Papua New Guinea, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines

Expat Blog Awards 2012


Welcome to the Expat Blog Awards 2012 winners' page for the following countries: Norway, Panama, Papua New Guinea, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines.
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Finding (You In) Neverland (gold)
My heart led me to Norway and allowed me to become 'Mamma' to an incredible little boy. I am an American expat in this little paradise and great big world, chasing my dreams and hopefully teaching my son to do the same. Come join us. One fan says: Being an avid consumer of internet reading material both for work and pleasure, I am a highly accomplished skimmer. I can glean hundreds of pages a day for those little tidbits I seek. Chelseas blog is one of the rare pages that makes you want to SLOW DOWN and take a little time with it. A 20 year expat in Norway, I have learned plenty about this country from reading Chelsea's words. She has a voice and perspective that are worth hearing. And worthy of your award.
Life in Norway - An expats blog for Norway lovers (silver)
Observations on life in Norway from a British expat now living and working in Oslo. The blog includes city travel guides, plus observations on the Norwegian language, culture, people and more... One fan says: A very good blog! The blogger's observations on Norwegian society and Norwegians are very good, interesting, and quite funny! For me as a native Norwegian it's very interesting to read a foreigner's perspective on my country.
Edge of the Arctic (bronze)
Tales of a Yankee adventurer in Norway One fan says: A fantastic blog filled with wit, charm, and a happily investigative spirit! As a reader from the States, I always enjoy exploring Norway through her eyes! As a journalist and mother, this blogger gives us stories that range from the everyday to the larger societal culture, both of which she presents in an honest, reflective, and comedic fashion. This expat blog is simply a joy and an adventure, not to mention Illuminating and a breath of fresh air. I can't wait to see how it continues to grow!
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Panama Guy (gold)
Originally from Panama, Laura moved to the United States with her mother, father and sister Michelle at a young age. Her blog contains stories of Laura's Life in Panama One fan says: Love, love, love reading about Laura's adventures (and mis-adventures). She has a gift of storytelling. Not only do you get a hefty dose of what it's like to live in Panama City, but you also get to witness her own personal evolution as she experiences living in another culture.
Panamajama's Blog (silver)
I moved to Panama from Scotland with my husband and three children in the first half of 2010. An opportunity came up for us to move here, so how could we say no? One fan says: It has been such fun to read and follow. This is not a tourist information 'all is rosy' advertisement, it is real life. Sometimes it is sad, sometimes funny but always amazing. This is the best advert for Panama - seeing and reading how it really is. It is great to learn about the weird and strange animals and how the family cope with life in Panama. My niece is currently near this part of the world- I sent her a link to this blog before she went so she would sort of know what to expect. She loved it as do I.
Xpat Escape (bronze)
After dreaming, researching, and planning to live abroad in a tropical climate, my husband (aka the hubs) and I finally bit the bullet in January 2011. We researched many tropical locations and decided on Panama. We say: More than an expat blog, this is in effect a comprehensive guide to living in Panama - we especially love the "Local Lingo" page.
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Papua New Guinea
A Kiwi Expat in PNG (gold)
We are having an experience of a lifetime, moving from Dunedin and becoming expats in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. One fan says: I would highly recommend reading Aaron's Blog to anyone out there because it describes how life really is here in PNG for both Expats and locals. Check it out more informative than the local media!
Mumu Mamma (silver)
part Mommy blog, part angry feminist rant. Part food blog, part personal atheist manifesto. My musings as I adopt an orphan and come to terms with living in one of the world's most misogynist societies. One fan says: Her blog is seriously funny stuff! About life in PNG which is not always funny, but is definitely interesting. She paints a detailed picture for those who not yet traveled there. And she makes us want to.
Hot Strong Coffee (bronze)
Kiwi gal living in Port Moresby, playing housewife One fan says: Jacinta gives me blogging mojo, from crafting through to expating in PNG. An avid blogger since 2006, hotstrongcoffee.com is a must read - get that PNG coffee, relax and enjoy Jacinta's writing and humour.
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Discovering Paraguay (gold)
Learn about Paraguay with a travel guide book and blog. Advice on living, traveling and volunteering in Paraguay and information on Paraguayan culture, food, traditions and the Guaraní language. We say: An diverse English/Spanish blog touching on everything from Paraguan cemetries to help with the Guarani language!
Paraguay at your Service (silver)
A couple of US expats on a mission to live internationally for 5 years. We say: Informative and fun, this blog covers residency, retirement, real estate and the rest.
Immeasurably More (bronze)
We are medical missionaries with SIM (Serving in Mission) working to plant churches in Colonia San Francisco, Department of Caazapa, Paraguay. We say: Interesting to have the opportunity to follow the life of an American missionary family in Paraguay. Lively posts with plentiful pictures.
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An Expat in Lima - My Life in Peru (gold)
The daily life of an expat living in Lima, Peru, with helpful information on living in Lima, Peru travel and Peruvian cooking. One fan says: Leaving some love!! What a great blog!
Novakistan (silver)
Sarah and Nick. We leave Manila in July of 2011 for a visit back to the states over the summer.In September we report to Washington, D.C. for Spanish language training before heading to Lima, Peru April 2012. One fan says: Love this blog! Always fun insight into the live and times of a family finding their way around new countries and cultures while holding onto what matters, family and friends from Minnesota all the way to Peru and in between.
The Burning Nail (bronze)
I'm an American living in Lima, Peru. I teach English and try to speak Spanish, both with mixed results-- often hilarious, maddening, embarrassing, or all of the above. We say: Very lively writing, full of anecdotes about her good and bad days in Peru.
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Tropical Penpals (gold)
Philippines latest happenings in news, celebrities and general life in the Philippines. Matt Wilkie, the original founder, is an expat in the Philiipines. Fantastic expat resource! We say: Matt's expat blog is a huge resource for any present or future expats to the Philippines. One visitor commented: "so glad I found your website, started to read a few things to gather info and found much more than I expected, its a wicked site!"
PhilippinesPlus.com (silver)
A resource guide for American expats moving to or living in the Philippines. Useful information also geared for expats worldwide. We say: Another extensive source of information from "The Kano", this retired expat from Central Illinois.
Mango Mornings (bronze)
A California Native Takes on Life in the Philippines: Expat Lessons and Travel Stories We say: Top notch design compliments colourful posts, as this Californian expat blogs about experiences in the Philippines.
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