Expat Blog Awards 2013 Top List Contest Winners

We are pleased to announced to the winners of this year's Expat Blog Awards! The standard was simply breathtaking, with such a diverse range of talented bloggers quite clearly pulling out all the stops to bring you the best they can! Without further ado, here are the Expat Blog Awards 2013 prize and award winners...

Our Top 3 Prize Winners

Wow this was difficult, so many fabulous entries to judge from. The Expats Blog Judging team found this contest particularly difficult! Here are our winners:

Overall Winner: Kathleen Siddell
Contest Entry: The Top 8 Ideas Worth Adopting From the Chinese
Our Comment: This highly readable post contains provides fascinating insights into life in China. Kathleen gives us food for thought, takes us to Shanghai's fashion scene, touches on both food and medicine and highlights some traditional superstitions, while not forgetting to include useful advice.
Prize: $600 Amazon Voucher
Blog Listing: Avery Adventures
1st Runner Up: Becky the Great
Contest Entry: N is for Nomads
Our Comment: Living up to her name of "Becky the Great", Becky's well-written contribution sheds light on a country most of us know little about. Her original A-Z list cleverly combines a huge amount of information with useful suggestions and advice for expats.
Prize: $300 Amazon Voucher
Blog Listing: Defying Gravity
2nd runner Up: Emily Calle
Contest Entry: Top 50 Ways You Know You're an Expat Living in Vienna
Our Comment: No one contemplating going to live in Austria, and particularly Vienna, should be without Emily's comprehensive guide. It is full of valuable information about the country and incredibly useful tips on how to blend in with the Austrians. Actually, it is so readable and entertaining that everyone should read it, regardless of any intention to visit the country.
Prize: $100 Amazon Voucher
Blog Listing: A Mommy Abroad
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Other Prizes

We also had 4 other smaller prizes in this contest. Here they are:

Our Fave Reader Comment: Mrs Partly Cloudy
Contest Entry: Welcome to Singapore:don't look down
Reader Comment: Saw this blog in the nick of time. We leave for Singapore later today and will try to pick up parachutes on the way to the airport.
Prize: $75 Amazon Voucher
Blog Listing: Partly Cloudy
Top FB Likes: Paul Giles
Contest Entry: The Top Six Dangers You Face When Travelling to Colombia
Prize: $75 Amazon Voucher
Blog Listing: Colombia Travel Blog
Top Tweets: 3rd Culture Children
Contest Entry: Twenty Reasons for Adding Bolivia to Your Expat Visiting List
Prize: $75 Amazon Voucher
Blog Listing: 3rd Culture Children
Random Winner: Christie Montague
Contest Entry: 6 Things You Should Know About the South of France if You Want to Blend in
Prize: $75 Amazon Voucher
Blog Listing: You can go your own way

Top Country Prize

The country that had the most combined comments was Spain with a huge 504 comments. The Top Blog Award winners of Spain share equally the Top Country Prize of $1200 Amazon Vouchers! Here are the winners:

Vicki McLeod
Contest Entry: The 12 Mallorca Expat Commandments (234 comments)
Prize: $400 Amazon Voucher
Blog Listing: Family Matters Mallorca
Chelsea Alventosa
Contest Entry: The Top Five Frustrations for Expats in Spain (and why we're still here!) (87 comments)
Prize: $400 Amazon Voucher
Blog Listing: Andalucía Bound
Jessica Wray
Contest Entry: Top 10 Ways to Fake it That You're Spanish (81 comments)
Prize: $400 Amazon Voucher
Blog Listing: Curiosity Travels
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Top Blog Awards

Here we dish out the gold, silver and bronze Expat Top Blog Awards for each country that had an entry in this year's contest. Not only do the following winners get a fantastic Expat Blog Awards 2013 badge, but they also get a featured listing. Here are the Expat Top Blog Award 2013 winners:

Zosia Brown
Contest Entry: The Top Ten Reasons You Should Visit Albania (20 comments)
Blog Listing: Albania or Bust
Stephanie Cariker
Contest Entry: 7 Reasons Rosario is Not for Tourists (24 comments)
Blog Listing: Expatriates in Rosario
Christie Wilkin
Contest Entry: Know Before You Go: Top Ten Insider Tips for Melbourne, Australia (63 comments)
Blog Listing: The Plunge Down Under
Cristin Kelly
Contest Entry: How to Be as Laid Back as an Aussie in 9 Easy Phrases (41 comments)
Blog Listing: Between Roots and Wings
Contest Entry: Weird Tyrol: Five Best Unusual Historic Hikes from Innsbruck (44 comments)
Blog Listing: The Practice Room
Emily Calle
Contest Entry: Top 50 Ways You Know You're an Expat Living in Vienna (31 comments)
Blog Listing: A Mommy Abroad
Nicole Schaefer-McDaniel
Contest Entry: Parents' Survival Guide for Vienna, Austria: Top 8 Reasons to be an Expat with Kids Here (11 comments)
Blog Listing: Kids with Diplomatic Immunity
Regina Landor
Contest Entry: Top Ten Reasons To Get Posted To Bangladesh (6 comments)
Blog Listing: WoodLand Travels
Why I am Not Skinny
Contest Entry: Top Tips and Suggestions for South Africans (and Other Expats) Living in Brussels (3 comments)
Blog Listing: Why I am not Skinny
Ramblin San
Contest Entry: Top Ten Considerations for Bringing a Dog into Belize (10 comments)
Blog Listing: Ramblin' San
Jessica Janoski
Contest Entry: Bolivia Survival Guide: Top 10 Essential Tips for Traveling Bolivia (23 comments)
Blog Listing: The Bohemian Diaries
3rd Culture Children
Contest Entry: Twenty Reasons for Adding Bolivia to Your Expat Visiting List ! (11 comments)
Blog Listing: 3rd Culture Children
Bosnia And Herzegovina
David Bailey
Contest Entry: Top 10 Crazy things about living in Bosnia and Herzegovina (12 comments)
Blog Listing: An Englishman in the Balkans
Barbara Reidy
Contest Entry: 10 Essential Facts about Living in Saskatoon/Saskatchewan (21 comments)
Blog Listing: Moving to Saskatoon
Sarah Bennett
Contest Entry: Top 10 English Words You Will Hear In China (& I never want to hear again) (49 comments)
Blog Listing: The Further Adventures of Bennett
Michelle Ross
Contest Entry: Hazarding Life in Chengdu (40 comments)
Blog Listing: In Search of the End of the Sidewalk
Contest Entry: Top 9 Things to Know about Expat Life in Rural China (20 comments)
Blog Listing: woshoudebuhao
Paul Giles
Contest Entry: The Top Six Dangers You Face When Travelling To Colombia (36 comments)
Blog Listing: Colombia Travel Blog
Karen Attman
Contest Entry: Top 10 Foodie Places in Bogota That Expats Should Visit (13 comments)
Blog Listing: Flavors of Bogota
Costa Rica
Carole Jean Connolly-Shaw
Contest Entry: Top Nine Types of Shoes for Living as an Expat in Costa Rica (108 comments)
Blog Listing: Carole Jean's Costa Rica Capers
Kim Walters
Contest Entry: Top 10 Expat Communities in Costa Rica (71 comments)
Blog Listing: Wandering Walters
Casey Bahr
Contest Entry: Is Costa Rica Really the Switzerland of Central America? (25 comments)
Blog Listing: A Dull Roar
Mrs. Chasing the Donkey
Contest Entry: Top 10 List for Phrases You Need When Moving to Dalmatia. (62 comments)
Blog Listing: Chasing the Donkey!
Czech Republic
Contest Entry: Top 5 Things I've Learned Living in Czech Republic (18 comments)
Blog Listing: Christopher's Expat Adventure
Contest Entry: 10 Ways to be a Better You in Prague (5 comments)
Blog Listing: Czechesotans
Rachel Pieh Jones
Contest Entry: 10 Signs You’ve Been an Expat in Djibouti Too Long (or just long enough) (20 comments)
Blog Listing: Djibouti Jones
Caribbean Girl in Cairo
Contest Entry: Top 5 Things I Love About Egypt (2 comments)
Blog Listing: Caribbean Girl in Cairo
Jess of The Fly Away American
Contest Entry: My Top Ten Most Awkward Moments as an American Expat in England (43 comments)
Blog Listing: The Fly Away American
Meghan Fenn
Contest Entry: Top 10 Differences Between Parenting in America vs. Parenting in Britain (23 comments)
Blog Listing: Bringing Up Brits
Contest Entry: Main Differences Between French Men And British Men (17 comments)
Blog Listing: 40 blog Spot
Bread is Pain
Contest Entry: Top 7 "Moments in France" (95 comments)
Blog Listing: Bread is Pain
Jenny Lovett
Contest Entry: The top 5 differences between French and English estate agents (43 comments)
Blog Listing: Jenny and John in Brittany
Joanna Munro
Contest Entry: Ten Beret Good Things to Know About France and the French. (40 comments)
Blog Listing: Multifarious meanderings
Brittany Ruth
Contest Entry: 10 Tips for Expats Moving to Bavaria (40 comments)
Blog Listing: The Rococo Roamer
Kathleen Ralf
Contest Entry: The Strangest of German Customs (36 comments)
Blog Listing: Lehrer Werkstatt
Thrifty Travel Mama
Contest Entry: Just 10 of Many Reasons Freiburg (Germany) is Perfect for Traveling Families (15 comments)
Blog Listing: Thrifty Travel Mama
Contest Entry: Things you Should be Prepared for Before Coming to Greece (14 comments)
Blog Listing: Leaving Cairo
Sky Lohse
Contest Entry: The Top 4 Reasons Living in Guatemala is Amazing, but Terrifying (10 comments)
Blog Listing: People Call Me Sky
AWalk on the Run
Contest Entry: Top 7 Excuses for Getting Sucked Into The Vortex (44 comments)
Blog Listing: AWalk on the Run
Rika at Cubicle Throwdown
Contest Entry: Top 10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Becoming an Expat in Honduras (15 comments)
Blog Listing: Cubicle Throwdown
Hong Kong
Beth Williams
Contest Entry: Top 10 Ways to Tell Someone was an Expat in Hong Kong (24 comments)
Blog Listing: Besudesu Abroad Travel Blog
Contest Entry: The Top 13 Mostly True Signs You’ve Become A Local Hong Konger (9 comments)
Blog Listing: This Girl Abroad
Stewart C McKay
Contest Entry: Top 10 Near Death Experiences in Hong Kong (3 comments)
Blog Listing: What I Did In Hong Kong
Contest Entry: 15 Top Things To Know Before Moving To India (19 comments)
Blog Listing: A New Life In India
Contest Entry: Top 10 Differences To Know About Expat Living in Jakarta, Indonesia & Mumbai, India (10 comments)
Blog Listing: Chuzai Living
Rachel of Hippie in Heels
Contest Entry: Top Ten Differences Between Rural Ohio and Tropical India (2 comments)
Blog Listing: Hippie In Heels
Contest Entry: Top 10 Ways Living in Israel is Not at all What You Think (52 comments)
Blog Listing: lizrael update
Greg Goodmacher
Contest Entry: Japans Five Most Fantastic Festive Events (3 comments)
Blog Listing: Onsen (Hot Spring) Addict in Japan
Tony Fitzpatrick
Contest Entry: Top 10 Things to Do to Experience Tokyo on a Budget (1 comments)
Blog Listing: Setting Sail with the Fitzys
André Moreira
Contest Entry: Top 10 Feelings You Will Probably Have in Japan (3 comments)
Blog Listing: The Rising Sky
Contest Entry: Things I Love About Amman (21 comments)
Blog Listing: It's an expat life for us
Bernie Jamieson
Contest Entry: Stirring the Five Senses of Nairobi (28 comments)
Blog Listing: Bernie's African Odyssey
Mama Mgeni
Contest Entry: Exploring Kenya: Five Places You’ve Probably Overlooked (25 comments)
Blog Listing: Mama Mgeni
Korea South
Sally Bucey
Contest Entry: 10 Things You Can Only See and Do in Rural South Korea (14 comments)
Blog Listing: A breath of foreign air
Maddie Lamb
Contest Entry: Top Ways to Look Like A Native in Korea (2 comments)
Blog Listing: Head High Heart Strong
Contest Entry: Kuwait, we have more than camels here! (8 comments)
Blog Listing: Life in Kuwait
Ersatz Expat
Contest Entry: Top 15 Kazakh Foods To Try (At Least Once) (8 comments)
Blog Listing: Ersatz Expat
Kirsten Durward and Monica Tindall
Contest Entry: The Top Ten Yum List Advice for Making the Most of Malaysia (169 comments)
Blog Listing: The Yum List
Melany Zwartjes
Contest Entry: From There to Here: The Top 5 Differences between Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur (33 comments)
Blog Listing: Wanderlust and wonder
Contest Entry: Top 10 Places to be Photographed in Malta (2 comments)
Blog Listing: How to Get By in Malta
Susannah Rigg
Contest Entry: Top 6 Spanish Words That Make me Speak Spanglish in Mexico (78 comments)
Blog Listing: Mexico Retold
Kim@ A Moving Story
Contest Entry: 10 Must-Dos In Mexico City (73 comments)
Blog Listing: A Moving Story
Team Fuber
Contest Entry: How to Be More Like a Local When Visiting the Puerto Vallarta Area of Mexico (46 comments)
Blog Listing: Team Fuber
Becky the Great
Contest Entry: N is for Nomads (17 comments)
Blog Listing: Defying Gravity
Drinking Coffee Elsewhere: Mongolia
Contest Entry: From Malaysia to Mongolia: A Few Expat Tips (14 comments)
Blog Listing: Drinking Coffee Elsewhere: Mongolia
Eleanor Dorothy
Contest Entry: Ten Confusing Things about Morocco (2 comments)
Blog Listing: We'll Always have Casablanca
Chase Chisholm
Contest Entry: My Top 10 First Impressions of Yangon, Myanmar (9 comments)
Blog Listing: Join Chase
Vicky Blades
Contest Entry: Top 5 Socially Responsible Businesses in Yangon (1 comments)
Blog Listing: Wilson Blades
Amanda Summers
Contest Entry: Top 10 What to Expect From a Rural Homestay in Nepal? (22 comments)
Blog Listing: Nepal On A Budget
Olga Mecking
Contest Entry: Holland's Healthiest Habits: 10 Tips For a Healthier Life (43 comments)
Blog Listing: The European Mama
Rachel Heller
Contest Entry: Top Odd Sights in the North Netherlands (25 comments)
Stuart Billginhurst
Contest Entry: Seven Weird Things Tourists do When Visiting Amsterdam (25 comments)
Blog Listing: Invading Holland
New Zealand
Rhonda Albom
Contest Entry: Top 10 Funny New Zealand Language Blunders - Expats Beware! (70 comments)
Blog Listing: Albom Adventures
Abigail Simpson
Contest Entry: Top 20 Things a Brit in New Zealand Misses (9 comments)
Blog Listing: POMS AWAY!
Contest Entry: 11 Things Somebody Could Have Told Me About Living In New Zealand (5 comments)
Blog Listing: The Bike Wife
International Mel
Contest Entry: Top Ten Cheap Thrills in Nicaragua (9 comments)
Blog Listing: International Mel
Heather Duncan
Contest Entry: The Home Bird's survival guide to Oman (8 comments)
Blog Listing: The Duncan Adventures
Laura Guy
Contest Entry: The Top 12 Surprises of Panama's Three-Ring Circus (42 comments)
Blog Listing: Panama Guy
Kris Cunningham
Contest Entry: The Top Ten Questions about Living in Panama (18 comments)
Blog Listing: The Panama Adventure
Romy Natalia Goldberg
Contest Entry: Top Guarani Words to Use in Paraguay (16 comments)
Blog Listing: Discovering Paraguay
Fergus JM Ducharme
Contest Entry: The Aftermath of the Recent Disasters in Philippines (0 comments)
Blog Listing: Historic Philippines
Contest Entry: Top 10 Things I Wish I’d Brought to Doha (10 comments)
Blog Listing: Gypsy in the ME
Rachel Charlotte
Contest Entry: The Top 5 Things I Miss About Living in Qatar (4 comments)
Blog Listing: Funky Qatar Blog
Saudi Arabia
Jeddah Blog
Contest Entry: Jeddah's Top Desserts - Our Pick of the Best! (53 comments)
Blog Listing: Jeddah Blog
Lyn Birrell
Contest Entry: 10 Things you Need to Know About Living in Jeddah Saudia Arabia (56 comments)
Blog Listing: Living in Jeddah
Contest Entry: 6 Reasons Why Glasgow is a Must-See City (14 comments)
Blog Listing: The Wandering Belle
Alison Chino
Contest Entry: Top 6 Castles To Visit In Aberdeenshire (8 comments)
Blog Listing: Chino House
V. Palmer
Contest Entry: Top Five Ways to Light Up Your Life (6 comments)
Blog Listing: Traveling Simile
Kim Rochette
Contest Entry: Top 9 Tips for Gift Giving from Senegal (1 comments)
Blog Listing: Six Bougies
Laura Oliverio Blinkman
Contest Entry: Top 10 Things I Miss The Most From America & Their Perfect Singaporean Substitutions (107 comments)
Blog Listing: BlinkmanBuzz
Contest Entry: Top Ten Expat Experiences in Singapore (98 comments)
Blog Listing: Diary of an Indian expat in Singapore
Laura Scheffner
Contest Entry: Top 10 Culture Shocks When Living As Expat In Singapore (76 comments)
Blog Listing: My Yummy Mummy
Robin McGuire
Contest Entry: Central Europe Christmas Markets Are Open! (3 comments)
Blog Listing: Robin's Great Adventure
South Africa
Contest Entry: Top 5 Reasons Why a South African Braai Trumps an American Barbecue (23 comments)
Blog Listing: Peace, Love & Giraffes
Suzanne Chickenruby
Contest Entry: My top 10 places to view Wildlife in South Africa (10 comments)
Blog Listing: Chickenruby
Claire Duffy
Contest Entry: Top Ten Things You Need to Know About Sweden and the Swedesh (13 comments)
Blog Listing: The Grass is Dancing
Alecia McFarlane
Contest Entry: Top 10 ways to keep it real as Newlywed Expats... living in separate countries (8 comments)
Blog Listing: From Green to Blue
Melinda, schoutens
Contest Entry: 10 Reasons Why Basel is a Great Place to Call Home (6 comments)
Blog Listing: More 2 Explore
Lindsey McLean
Contest Entry: Ten Affordable* Dates in Zurich (1 comments)
Blog Listing: swiss lark
Contest Entry: Discovering Taiwan: My Top 5 Outdoor Travel & Adventure Guide (20 comments)
Blog Listing: Foreign Sanctuary
Jenna Longoria
Contest Entry: Top 20 Reasons I Prefer Teaching in Taiwan Over Honduras (16 comments)
Blog Listing: Nomad Notions
Contest Entry: Top 9 Cultural Differences Between Italy and Taiwan (3 comments)
Blog Listing: My New Life in Asia
Cordelia Rojas
Contest Entry: Top 20 Signs that you’ve started to embrace your inner Thai (87 comments)
Blog Listing: Multilingual Mama
Lani V. Cox
Contest Entry: Ten Things Thailand Has Taught Me (7 comments)
Blog Listing: Life, the Universe and Lani
Contest Entry: Top 7 essentials for a peaceful and harmonious expat life in Thailand (6 comments)
Blog Listing: JAMOROKI
Michael and Yulia
Contest Entry: The Top Ten Ways That Ukraine is More Environmentally Friendly Than the United States (9 comments)
Blog Listing: MY Pichka
United Arab Emirates
Mimi Finerty
Contest Entry: 12 tips for easy expat life in Cyprus (25 comments)
Blog Listing: Love and Life in...
FooDiva - Samantha Wood
Contest Entry: Top 12 alternative dining options to toast the festive season in Dubai (103 comments)
Blog Listing: FooDiva impartial restaurant reviews
Samantha Dancy
Contest Entry: Expat Advice on Making the Move - 5 Tips for Adjusting to Life in Dubai (52 comments)
Blog Listing: Footsteps of a Wanderer
Rachael Harrison
Contest Entry: 8 Alternative Activities in the UAE - for expats who have done it all... (41 comments)
Blog Listing: Rachael Harrison
Clare Gosling
Contest Entry: Top things my 7 year old loves about living in America (27 comments)
Blog Listing: Have Goslings, must travel
Snowflakes in California
Contest Entry: Top 5 tips for European Shoppers in the US (23 comments)
Blog Listing: Snowflakes in California
Contest Entry: "Apparently we speak the same language" - 9 ways to get along in New York City (22 comments)
Blog Listing: nw3 to nyc
Eline Jeanne
Contest Entry: 5 Reasons to Become an Expat in Wales (2 comments)
Blog Listing: Third Culture What?
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